Liquor And Iron Fuels Russ Payne and The Unison Bends

Liquor And Iron Fuels Russ Payne and The Unison Bends

Liquor And Iron Fuels Russ Payne and The Unison Bends


Russ Payne And The Unison Bends hits the Blues trail with eleven original tracks full of Liquor And Iron combined with melodic determination.   The guitar has grit as they introduce their sound with the opening track This Life (Gonna Be The Death Of Me). For many the opening chords and vocals will be the listener’s first introduction to a band who are bending the music they love into a harmonious contemporary rock n roll sound with a deep funky rhythmic undertow.  The trio is now a powerhouse on this carefully considered album with Russ Payne on vocals and guitar filling out the sound with depths of tone. His voice is gruff and at times more talking than singing which suits the song and has the feel of Iron will drench in fiery Liquor from the still down a back road.  Joining Russ is a powerhouse of a rhythm section Bill Keller on Bass and Nigel Summerley on drums.  It Could Have Been Me, includes keys from Saal Seniveratne adding passion and angst as the tempo and tension builds. The Guitar is full of burning blues textures and acts as a foil to the vocals.

As for ballads, harder rock chords and licks are fused to the blues it is the deep grooves from the bass laid down by Bill that shapes Sometimes, with the driven depth from a bass that hums with a desire to be funky.  We all need some Good Luck along the road and this is a catchy, sunny number that gets the feet tapping as Russ is joined by Jake Rousham on backing Vocals. This s a number that curls and forms a feel-good feel. Holding out East, with its narrative has Nigel playing harp that shines out across the mournful rhythm as a journey begins and peace to be made with a six-string friend as we travel east.

Across the eleven tracks the blues definitely rocks, not with aggression of volume but with considered purpose and R n’ B collides with Rock N Roll. Closing out with the title track the tempo is taken down with a country fused acoustically soaked number. This is definitely after a long train ride over the Iron tracks and life has been experienced and viewed through an empty bottle of Liquor.  Once again Saal’s keyboard adds a melodic vibe contrasting with the vocal harmonies between Russ and Alex Patterson.

Liquor and Iron, is not a traditional blues-rock album, this is a contemporary British sound drawing on the heritage of the past and weaving into the sonic narrative the flow of soulfulness. This freshness that is plain good music that makes Iron & Liquor an album full of interest as love, life, and alcohol are explored. Liquor And Iron Fuels Russ Payne and The Unison Bends in an interesting direction.

SEVENpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. This Life (Gonna Be The Death Of Me)
  2. Sasia’s Got A Gun
  3. It Could Have Been Me
  4. All Talk
  5. Waiting At The Gate
  6. Sometimes
  7. Certain Tears
  8. Oughta Know By Now
  9. Good Luck
  10. Heading Out East
  11. Liquor And Iron

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