Lightnin’ Malcolm Foot Soldier Delivering Roots Delights

Lightnin’ Malcolm Foot Soldier Delivering Roots Delights

Lightnin’ Malcolm Foot Soldier Delivering Roots Delights

Music Soldiers attention! Get your ears tuned in for Foot Soldier. The album is definitely a new chapter in the book of Hill Country Blues. With Lightnin’ Malcolm returning to the one-man-band format.  Yes! He is simultaneously playing guitar, playing drums and delivering vocals with powerful intensity.

Opening with Done Wrong you know instantly that you have done the right thing putting Lightnin’ Malcolm’s latest album on play. This is swampy, deep Hill Country Blues, the album is Lightnin’ Malcolm flying solo. He plays guitar, drums and sings simultaneously. The relentless beat allows the lyrics to unfold. The eleven tracks send you to a different world, your ears and mind are hypnotised and taken back through the mists of time with music that hooks into Africa. This is blues that captures a historical timeline and delivers a sound that is fresh, contemporary and relevant.

Opening with Done Wrong, we start the journey of a musician who has picked up beats and rhythms, a tapestry of blues with threads of funk, soul and rock and those West African beats this has a blues shade and is electrifying. Hero has a deep funky base line that just curls around your ears and then the hill country vibe pulls the track together in its full instrumental delight. Waves is like the sea it washes over you, refreshes your soul with a groovy hill country groove that gets your feet tapping music of the juke joint to get those dancers dancing. The Delta meets the hills with a gritty dark number, Getting’ Dark. The sound is loud, the blues felt in the one-man band reincarnation of Lightnin’ Malcolm. The effect of the Malcolm playing and singing all the parts simultaneously is a live, authentic sound that picks up the forces of nature and feeling that defines the blues. Best Friend’s Wife is reflective a quieter tempo and showcases this multi-talented Mississippi bluesman in another shape of the blues.

Every track counts with textures and tones that keep you dancing and smiling.  Foot Soldier is eleven tracks where Lightnin’ Malcolm entertains you with twists and turns and mighty fine Hill Country Blues. Closing with Big Jack, pure Malcolm sound with big bass sound, churning rhythms you are transported to a very good place as a Foot Soldier of Lightnin’ Malcolm and his dark tribal blues roots in the Hill Country. This is blues music of the world and worldly wise.

Lightnin’ MalcolmFoot Soldier – Shakedown Records

NINE pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Done Wrong
  2. Tree
  3. Hero
  4. Don’t Bitch
  5. Waves
  6. Gates Of Hell
  7. Getting’ Dark
  8. Treat That Woman Right
  9. Best Friends Wife
  10. Good Boy
  11. Big Jack

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