Let’s Do This Thing Sings Kathy & The Kilowatts

Let’s Do This Thing Sings Kathy & The Kilowatts

Let’s Do This Thing Sings Kathy & The Kilowatts


Blues that energizes so that you join in agreeing with the opening refrain, Let’s Do This Thing. The fifteen track album gathers under Kathy’s sumptuous vocals that curl around the melodic depths and shapes conjured up by the Kilowatts.  This is Texan blues-rock delivered with style and Let’s Do This thing is a definite for lovers of Texan fuelled blues.  Song-writer and singer Kathy Murray is in control of the Kilowatts who add a stinging spark to every number on the album. Who are the Kilowatts? They are Kathy’s husband, Bill “Monster” Jones on guitar and Kathy’s brother David who plays bass, percussion and more. The family are joined by Dylan Cavaliere on upright bass, Jeff Botta on bass and organ, Richard Ross and Nina Singh on drums, and Dan Torosian, Al Gomez and Henry Rivas on horns adding depths of tone and texture.

Opening with the title track the blues fuse is well and truly set alight, and with the cadence and tempo, it is not surprising that Kathy & The Kilowatts are often compared to the Fabulous Thunderbirds.  This album is drenched in the heat of musical tones and textures as she weaves in soul, pop beats and country fused with the infectious rhythm of good old Rock n’ Roll.  Yes, we will do this thing and keep on listening to the sound the band and Kathy are sharing with us. The sound changes across the fifteen tracks. Those that stood out were Call Me Mrs Blues, this sets the tone and provided the basis for all the music played, Texas blues with its strong guitar led riffs that fuels the energy for the vocals.

The horns take centre stage as Kathy weaves her sultry magic on Beautiful Moments In Time. Soulful and stinging the horns define this number. The song allows Kathy to croon the lyrics with an emotional understanding that the horns pick up and punctuate.  Now there Is no need for Kathy to Spell It Out, she understands how to make a song stand out from noises surrounding herself, and different numbers connect depending on your mood. Want some pop led funk then checkout Spell It Out. Whereas Each Kiss uses the horns to pick at Latino vibe then grounded by Kathy’s delicious vocals. We have timeless rocking good time music, followed on by One Lie Leads to Another and the perfect combination of a Texan shuffle, strong lyrics and the sound that makes Texan fused blues compulsive listening.

Reflecting the whole album as one track seamlessly leads to the next perfectly timed and formed number ensuring that for the whole fifty-five minutes you are immersed in the warm, melodic zone that defines Kathy & The Kilowatts who certainly did this Texan thing for me on the album Let’s Do This Thing.

The album is definitely no one-trick interpretation of the blues. It is modern, sassy and fun with the closing track picking up and weaving into Loveaholic a country feel leaving your feet tapping and a confirmed fan of Texas infused blues from Kathy and her Kilowatts on Let’s Do This Thing.


Let’s Do This Thing – Kathy & The Kilowatts – Lectro Fine Records

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Track Listing

  1. Let’s Do This Thing
  2. Call Me Mrs Blues
  3. Talking Out My Head
  4. 10 Most Wanted
  5. Love Came Knocking
  6. Read ‘em and Weep
  7. Beautiful Moments In Time
  8. Each Kiss
  9. One Lie Leads To Another
  10. Spell It Out
  11. I Want To
  12. Exception To The Rule
  13. These Lonely Hours
  14. Your Barn Door
  15. Loveaholic



Let’s Do This Thing Sings Kathy & The Kilowatts

Advent Day Seven Calendar Thanks Blind Raccoon


Advent Day Seven Calendar Thanks Blind Raccoon


No reviewing year would be complete without the wonderful thud as the postman delivers another package of gems from Betsie Brown at Blind Raccoon. The albums are always full of gems that have been shaken, stirred and moved by the Blues. The music comes in every hue and tempo and will always be listened to with pleasure.

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