LaVendore Rogue Darkening The Live Stage

LaVendore Rogue Darkening The Convent's StageLaVendore Rogue Darkening The Live Stage

The Quintet delivered music it is enthralling and delves into the darkness with rocking majesty. At the heart of LaVendore Rogue is the soul of Hokie Joint the band that always defied pigeon-holing. Up-front JoJo Burgess, with a vocal range and texture dexterity that defies comparison he delivers the lyrics with style, cynicism and more than a hint of menace. Joining him from Hokie is the guitarist Joel Fisk whose licks, slide and ability to make the guitar howl in answer to JoJo always adding that little bit extra. The third and definitely not the least at the back is Stephen ‘Cupsie’ Cutmore on drums picking up the beat from dark and hidden places and shining the light onto the rhythm that like a strobe light pierces the melody seeking attention as Rob “Tank” Barry picks up the bass line. Completing the quintet on keys Warren Lynn, whose keys adds an extra textural layer into the complexity that is LaVendore Rogue. The band has one foot in the music of Rolling Stones, Paul Rogers and the other exploring the array of contemporary rock and Rhythm n’ Blues.

LaVendore Rogue Darkening The Convent's StageLa Vendore Rogue, is a complete band borrowing the best from Hokie Joint but never shrouded or swamped in the mantle as they create music that is roguish and has a textural interest that beguiles the listener wrapping the audience in the LaVendore sound. The album Light Up With, introduces the sound which continues to develop and take on a roguish shape a band visual exciting the music is dark, entertaining and tells a good story through lyrics and melodic lines.

LaVendore Rogue Darkening The Convent's StageJoJo is the charismatic front man, full of dramatic gestures augmenting the lyrics of old favourites Chocolate Cake, when celebrating Charlie Patton’s, Oh! Death with lyrics reflecting the stage tonight in front of the altar at The Convent. As JoJo sings, Just look what the Lord has done, Lord I know, Lord I know I’m coming home… Then the latest sound Gangsters, Thieves and Villains from the debut album, Light Up With along with Dead Man’s Chest. This is a quintet that wants to make waves, to be listened to and taken seriously as they create a sculptural sound that tells a story, evokes emotions and connects.

Tonight, LaVendore made an impression as they wowed the audience and will delight and continue to delight with a sound that is live and full of mystery. Spanning genres they are themselves true to the music they want to create and you want to listen too.

Closing with Mrs Jones, revamped and full of energy we listened on the edge of our seats as JoJo unveiled Mr Jones walking upstairs to see Mrs Jones in the afternoon. LaVendore Rogue catch them at a venue or festival whenever you can they will never disappoint and always entertain with fantastic music.


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