Larry Miller, The Scene Swansea – June 2014

Larry Miller - The Scene Swansea - June 2014_0001LThe Scene in Swansea has opened its doors and will be delivering The Blues and other music genres in the heart of Swansea. It is good to see that the gigging venue formerly known as Milkwoodjam is back in business. First blues gig was the ever popular Larry Miller delivering his Gallagher inspired music; there is no doubt Larry is a “Ronseal” performer what you read about on the publicity blurb is what you get in your face rocky blues delivered with passion.
Larry Miller - The Scene Swansea - June 2014_0109l
Tonight minus Ian Salisbury on keys he had his rhythm section Derek White (Bass) and drummer Graham Walker to try and keep his wild spirit in order. The rhythm section with Graham who used to play drums for Gary Moore and Derek provide a solid-bedrock that colours in the gaps and adds some depth of tone whilst allowing Larry to strut his stuff, and he does that with aplomb.Larry Miller - The Scene Swansea - June 2014_0057l
Tonight we also had Larry Miller the comedian on stage as he entertained between numbers whilst guitars were re-tuned including a beguiling ventriloquist act with his bottle of water, it is refreshing to see this engagement that the audience loved and answered back building a rapport and a great atmosphere.

In between all the laughing there were some seriously great, lengthy and very bluesy lead breaks and silky links in amongst the rocky power chords, combined with Larry’s vocals as he delivered tracks from his current and previous albums; there cannot be no doubt that this is what the crowd wanted to hear on a hot Sunday evening in Swansea. Larry mixed up the tempo and tone as he changed between his Les Paul, Strat and Steel acoustic. ‘Calling All The Angels‘, a track Larry Miller fans expect, may demand, to have included on the set list, was delivered on his Strat slowed down the pace as he played this wonderful number which for me demonstrates what Larry is capable of. A really entertaining solo; slow electric blues at its best.

Larry Miller - The Scene Swansea - June 2014_0088lHe gave the rhythm section a break, and they deserved one after a blistering delivery of Walk On Hot Coals as this was given the Larry treatment whilst staying in the groove and legacy of Rory Gallagher, with its crazy high-octane fuelled Roryesque lead break, that had the audience whooping with pleasure and delight. Larry didn’t leave he stayed and entertained with an acoustic version of his Outlaw Blues, the title track for his 2007 album, and delivered in this acoustic format on Live & Outlawed. Larry produces some deft slide work getting the full sound and tonal range from his shiny steel guitar. As the notes faded away Derek and Graham re-joined him and the pace picked up with a wide selection of numbers that meant everyone’s Sunday evening was racing away with tracks such as Missy Mango, Road Runner and a version of Voodoo Chile from another guitarist whose influence on Larry is evident. He delivered this well-worn and oft heard Hendrix number with his distinctive own take, and it was well and truly Larry’ed and morphed into Star Spangled Banner…

Larry definitely came, saw, played and won some more fans in Swansea tonight at The Scene… a venue that will be playing some great acts during 2014 and beyond.

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