Larry Miller Live @ Beaufort Theatre

Larry Miller - Beaufort - May 2015_0075l


Larry Miller
Beaufort Theatre, Ebbw Vale
16th May 2015


Larry Miller - Beaufort - May 2015_0040lLarry Miller was greeted by  many fans who love that fact he visits Wales regularly and they love his rocking blues on a Saturday night. The rapport between Larry and the audience grew, we were all friends and at times it was a comedy show with awesome music thrown in for good measure. Larry and the band wanted to have fun playing the music they enjoy sharing with an appreciative audience, and everyone was up for a party as they clapped, cheered whooped with delight and danced the night away in good company being entertained by Larry. It was fantastic when Larry stopped during a slower quieter number and thanked the audience for listening quietly, good manners cost nothing and earn you praise!

Larry Miller - Beaufort - May 2015_0060lThis is a trio full of power that know when to rev the music engine up and when to slow down with its strong backbone of a rhythm section; bassist Derek White and ex-Gary Moore drummer Graham Walker; Larry has a rock solid bedrock to fly with guitar, vocals and the stage presence that makes his show entertaining from beginning to end.

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We were introduced to his new Gibson Les Paul gold and pristine the sound created was full and he played this guitar for the majority of the evening. Larry was definitely on form opening with In Your Own Back Yard, with his crazy infectious energy delivering his own bull in a china shop approach to the blues. In the first set we also had a gregarious live version of Missy Mango from his Live & Outlawed album as he treated us to lead breaks that were inspiring controlled with a tamed energy about them and the Rory Gallagher style of playing that he is so well-known for including some of his songs.  Tonight wasn’t all about power guitar we saw a gentler side with Calling All The Angels and from his latest album Soldier Of The Line full of emotion as the acoustic guitar and vocals blended to tell the story of a Soldier Of The Line a tribute to the many men who have fallen to end all wars… best not make friends anymore; this is a track full of love, hurt and pathos that shows a thoughtful and reflective side of Larry Miller the showman.

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During the second set opening with One Fine Day we had more thrills and spills from Larry’s guitar as the audience became more and more animated; then we had as I am sure happened across the land this weekend a moment to reflect on the talent, joy and influence of B.B. King on blues who passed away on Thursday 14th May. As the guitar and vocals shaped themselves around The Thrill Is Gone luckily the thrill that is BB will stay for ever in his recordings and artists who will still continue to play tracks from his legacy to the blues. The link with BB King was close in the hall room in the valleys tonight as Graham Walker played this track with the great man himself.

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The music picked up a pace and the audience were royally entertained by Larry tonight, all too soon it was time for the encore with Larry’s version of Gary Moore’s Parisienne Walkways, a popular number and requested by an attendee so no-one went home disappointed.

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