Larry Miller – Flowerpot, Derby

Larry Miller - Flowerpot, Derby

Larry Miller – Flowerpot, Derby

Yet again the Flowerpot have found the right artist for that dead zone between Christmas and New Years Eve, that kept the partying spirit alive with Larry as ever on fine form full of energy and lots of chat with an audience that were definitely there for a good time. Larry was his usual ebullient self full of witty dialogue and ready for a good time combined with some skilful and awesomely good guitar playing and his voice was in tip top form. As usual Larry was loud and brash and played old favourites such as ‘‘Mad Dog’; and included ‘Outlaw Blues’ re-arranged as an acoustic number demonstrating slide guitar skills on an old 1931 National.. Larry never sold his CD’s he let the music do that for him combining strong guitar playing that draws comparison with the great late Rory Gallagher, as he so deftly showcased with a real crowd pleaser Rory Gallagher’s ‘Cruel World’ and his take on Hendrix’s ‘Voodoo Chile’. The real stars of the night were not these late great iconic musicians but Larry and his solid foundation of a band creating their own style, the Miller way with the core element of ‘Storm Warning’ including Derek White (Bass) & Ian Salisbury (Keys) and good old Simon Baker (Drums). The whole set was a masterclass in live music full of energy, vitality with every song played with a freshness. This was a band delivering the music they love because they want to play. Tonight, whether you were hearing Larry for the umpteenth time or the first you were treated to Larry’s guitar playing with all that verve and energy, no wonder people said that this guy should be a superstar. Larry is a superstar on the live music circuit at festivals and venues across Britain he entertains everyone with his rip-roaring rocket propelled guitar playing as witnessed during this exhibition of controlled aggression of the highest class. What a great night out, proving once again that live music is unbeatable and as usual Larry had the crowd eating out of his hand from beginning to end with his mesmerising take on rock Blues – the song that sums him up as ‘When The Bluesman Walked The Earth’ Larry is that man and is definitely high in the constellation of excellence – of what a brilliant last gig of 2012 and a reminder why there will be many more in 2013.

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