King King: Tour Spring 2015 & New CD May 2015

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  1. […] Thanks Laurence for your time, catch him on the road during 2015 currently touring with King King – TOUR DATES […]

  2. […] Tonight we heard rock/blues that is King King’s special interpretation of the blues that is sharp and modern, every album has had a different sound and the third album has an edgy heavier sound, this is the combination of drums played by Wayne with considered purpose so that ever drum beat adds to the musical story unfolding across the tracks complex rhythms and delightful fills from his cymbals, he never dominates but is always present. This creates a slightly more menacing sound at times and certainly adds excitement on tracks like You Stopped The Rain dedicated to Alan’s brother Stevie. The musical interplay between the four musicians is a joy to behold this is entertainment and stagecraft fused together so that whether you are hearing tracks for the first time or repeatedly they always have a special captivating energy. Alan Nimmo knows that with a twinkle in his eye, a swirl of his Red Kilt he has all our attention and then with a deft pluck of the strings, caress of the fret and that mellow Glasgow accent he has everyone eating out of his palm. When he sings we have the luscious cherry on top of the sweetest musical cake that is for me simply perfection when he sings Frankie Miller’s Jealousy, the audience agreed as you could cut the atmosphere with a knife, it is so powerful as it connects to your musical backbone my King King moment of the night. Tonight they delivered a stunning set that encompassed every moment of the amazing King King discography tonight with the added delight of new tracks that we will grow to love as much as Old Love Alan’s signature song as the guitar falls quieter and quieter most of the audience stays silent but there always has to be one whose conversation is their centre of attention but that is unfortunately the negative part of the live music experience. We loved singing along we loved being King King’s echo we wanted more but Sunday curfew won the day. Tonight King King Rocked the roof of The Globe in Cardiff, catch them live on the tour you will not be disappointed this is a knock-out; sell-out tour so get those coveted tickets now! TOUR DATES […]

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