King King Reaching Spiraling Heights in Salisbury

Dan Patlansky supporting King King Reaching Spiraling Heights in SalisburyDan Patlansky supporting King King Reaching Spiraling Heights in Salisbury

King King Reaching Spiraling Heights in Salisbury


Tonight there was a very special buzz around City Hall, Salisbury. With a plethora of Thunder T-shirts through the years, a smattering of Satriani and many more King King Shirts. Both Dan Patlansky & King King, continue to be noticed for all the right reasons Blues that rocks your soul having toured with Joe Satriani and Thunder respectively.


Dan Patlansky supporting King King Reaching Spiraling Heights in SalisburySeats were filled and the lights dimmed and the music caught your breath as South African Dan Patlansky took control of the stage. This is the first opportunity to hear tracks live from his latest superb studio album Introvertigo. They sound even more exciting when you can see Dan’s magic fingers playing with the six-strings. The band was on fire providing a lusciousness of tone and sound for the guitar to soar up above with Dan’s vocals as hot as chestnuts heated over a brazier of firing blues.  Into the mix, this band is not messing around as they play Stop The Messin’. Then a change of guitar and slide for Heartbeat, drum’s pulling up the heat of Africa the beat resembling a heartbeat that is both fast and primeval. This track live is a fret teaser and the speed of Dan’s fingers is mesmerizing and the beating of hearts increased with the hot delights. The tempo changed and we had some slow blues as Old Red his preferred guitar worn with love entertained once again. With great interaction, Dan was warming the crowded venue for King King. The echo effect of Dan’s voice as he drew us in along with the melting and merging of tones contrasting and harmonizing this is exciting blues. Dipping into his previous album Dear Silence Thieves, via Backbite, the clock is speeding and Dan plays loud, raucous and always he has control of the guitar, holding by one string dancing up the fretboard and contending with an amp that just doesn’t want to play the game. Dan Patlansky excites, with is freeform blues-rock, with an instrumental that has the audience collectively holding their breath the guitar playing is phenomenal, Hendrix heart and soul has entered the building as Patlansky entertains, the audience is now hot with excitement.


King King WM-1209A short-break and the crowded venue fidgeting in their seats and then with a swirl of his red kilt and beaming smile Alan Nimmo sets the King King train underway in Salisbury tonight. King King’s reputation continues to grow as they tour making new friends on the way and always entertaining with blues that has special cadence unique to them. With a number of albums under the kilt we re-visited the earlier recordings and were entertained with songs for the acclaimed 2015 Reaching For The Light.  They may have opened with Lose Control, but everything was firmly under control for, Alan Nimmo fronting vocals and guitar, Bob Fridzema of keys and the powerhouse holding the rhythm Lindsay Coulson and Wayne Proctor. Glaswegian Alan, full of smiles and the vocals strong despite the fact this was the penultimate date on the tour and Alan waiting for what he calls his wee operation on his vocal chords. Everyone wishes him well though there are a few festival dates still to catch King King over the summer.  The studio version of Rush Hour is awesome, live it takes on another dimension of energy.  Why? It is the audience who participate picking up the beat set down by Wayne Proctor who builds the anticipated rhythm with style and flourish of the sticks Lindsay’s’ bass line fills in the gaps providing a rhythmic tempo allowing Alan to strut and swirl upfront. Two crowd stopping heart-searing moments in the momentous set were first Long History of Love and later in the set Jealousy. Bob’s Fridzema’s, Hammond combined with the whirling Leslie creates a sound that swells and grows filling every drop of air with sweet chords of Long History of Love. The music is so powerful you can taste it. Then add into the mix Alan Nimmo’s vocal and Fender the music is putty in his hands and we adore King King for playing music that hits our souls.  The emotion and inner tension of fellow Glaswegian Frankie Miller’s classic Jealousy is held in Alan’s hands from the first to the last note.  The warmth of the emotion, the agony of the pain jealousy causes are all captured in the guitar chord and the inflection of Alan’s voice. Wow! Who cannot be moved by this spine-chilling hairs on your arms raising performance? This is not the final number the tempo changes the audience fills with delight as the first notes of Crazy flow through the auditorium.  Then Alan’s party piece as he turns the volume down, down, down until you can hear the strings ping. The audience sits in respectful hush, the silence is deep and Stranger To Love wins us over again as the volume rises and the tuneful voice of Alan fills the hall again. Then they leave, and we want more but this is the last song of the night, the crowds stand in unison and cheer for more. With a smile and wave King King are back on stage for one last number the crowd-pleasing melodic Let Love In we sung, Alan sung we were all in harmony. The power of live music uniting us this is Blues-Rock infused with layers of tones and the deep feel of the blues.


Their status as performers extraordinaire was confirmed again with tonight’s no wonder King King are award winning, mega-popular and Reaching For The Light was the album of 2015 for many.  This is a night many will talk about do you remember when South African Dan Patlansky and ten the mighty King King took Salisbury by a Blues storm. Yes, King King Reaching Spiraling Heights in Salisbury tonight. Dan Patlansky opening raised the roof. Blues swirled with rock heartbeats with both bands fuelled by delicious cake from Cupcake Heaven enjoyed as part of a rocking afternoon tea.

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