Joe Bonamassa – Get Back My Tomorrow – single

10620539_838234662867260_2558346540057078170_nJoe Bonamassa
Get Back My Tomorrow
Mascot Label Group/Provogue Records

Joe definitely has the blues on this single released prior to his long-awaited album Different Shades Of Blue release Date 22nd September.JB-DSOB

If this single reflects the tone and texture of the album he will be winning some new fans. On Get My Tomorrow you have over four and half minutes of guitar playing that tugs at your blues soul and words that send vocal tingle up and down your spine. This is a single full of confidence from the interesting intro keyboard and guitar lick that reminds you of something lost that you can’t quite touch. Then the vocals that are engaging and full of heartfelt emotions and anguish that is the bedrock of the blues and the vocals are strong and true as if Joe believes in what he is singing and playing. Joe may sing ‘It’s a bitter pill to swallow, can you taste the pain and sorrow’ but the listening experience is pure delight with the bending and blending of chords, licks and teasing little riffs of joy.

Bluesdoodles gives this SINGLE SEVEN doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch looking forward to hearing and reviewing the whole album Different Shades Of Blues when released on 22nd September! Click album title for link to Bluesdoodles album review – Different Shades Of Blues

Joe B

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