Joanne Shaw Taylor ~ The Dirty Truth CD Review

album-hr dirty truthJoanne Shaw Taylor
The Dirty Truth
Axehouse Music Ltd

Release Date 22nd September 2014

What a woman, this white woman from Birmingham, England not Alabama has blues from the tip of her toes to her the cascade of her blonde hair. Joanne delivers with guitar playing that generates licks and riffs that enthrall and amaze. She is the real deal when it comes to blues/rock guitar playing her vocals seem to be less sure than her last studio album produced by Jim Gaines White Sugar. There are though similarities and a feeling that Joanne is coming home and is more comfortable in her musical skin on The Dirty Truth, the opening track Mud, Honey has a feeling of a job well done with the guitar playing reflecting the growling gruff tones of her voice; yet despite this feeling of confidence it does feel that she is holding back as if she is frightened of her voice. She had intended to write an instrumental under that name and had been the working title of her second album Diamonds In The Dirt. It has amazed me that a guitarist of this calibre hasn’t recorded and developed an instrumental style becoming a female Satriani or Beck, using her guitar skills so that she becomes a virtuoso with a modern blues driven style instantly recognised; and then have guest vocalists to augment her own vocals on other tracks. Yet again on Wicked Soul with its closing lick that just wants you to hear more it was the music that Joanne had written which dominates, the lyrics were slow to appear and the chorus not completed until in the studio; it is as if her brain is hard-wired to drive the guitar on with licks, riffs and glorious medleys off sound.
Wrecking Ball is a different sound being more stripped back and hints of a rocky sound but just keeps delivering glorious Shaw Taylor guitar driven rhythm and Blues Rick Steff on Organ adds a delicate chord that beds this song into what I am sure will be a JST classic the crowds demand.
From the first drum beat from Steve Potts you will be transformed back to a live gig, as Shiver and Sigh co-written with Kevin Bowe is a staple of her live gig set list, but never found the right album. Well this track fits in perfectly and once again it is the guitar playing that shines above the vocals, keys and Dave Smith’s bass; the mix of the instruments is perfect and no wonder this is a favourite of everyone’s.
Feels Like Home brings the album to a close and Joanne Shaw Taylor fans will be double delighted a new studio album of ten self-penned tracks and a forthcoming comprehensive tour of the UK to hear the music live, up close and the chance to stand back and listen to a lady who plays blues guitar with a mixture of mud and honey, as she shares her Dirty Truth.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD SEVEN doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch

Track Listing

1. Mud, Honey (Joanne Shaw Taylor)
2. The Dirty Truth (Joanne Shaw Taylor)
3. Wicked Soul (Joanne Shaw Taylor)
4. Fool In Love (Joanne Shaw Taylor)
5. Wrecking Ball (Joanne Shaw Taylor)
6. Tried, Tested and True (Joanne Shaw Taylor)
7. Outlaw Angel (Joanne Shaw Taylor)
8. Shiver and Sigh (K. Bowe & Joanne Shaw Taylor)
9. Struck Down (Joanne Shaw Taylor)
10. Feels Like Home (Joanne Shaw Taylor)

Catch the band on Tour – for dates follow the link TOUR NOVEMBER 2014

Band Members
Joanne Shaw Taylor – Guitar & Vocals
Dave Smith – Bass
Steve Potts – Drums
Rick Steff – Keyboards

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