Jared James Nichols ~ Old Glory and Wild Revival

Old Glory and Wild Revival Listenable Records
Old Glory and Wild Revival
Listenable Records

The post box thumped another album hits the mat; Bluesdoodles has no music on so without reading a word of PR or background information the CD slipped into the player then sat upright as Jared James Nichols full southern blues sound cascaded out of the speaker and after the opening riff and vocals I was hooked. Old Glory and Wild Revival is an album I was going to sit back and listen to, the review could wait. Bluesdoodles was rewarded with over an hour of music that entertained.

This is music that appeals as the guitar twists and turns around licks and squeals with pure joy and then the shape is gathered up and every track progresses thanks to some fantastic control from the powerful rhythm section. The voice is full of gruff emotion that pours across the guitar taking control so that the story is more important than any fancy guitar work. His ability to play these are a given what sets Jared out from the crowd is his blues rock voice. This young man from Wisconsin has crafted a fine album full of burning tones and crumpled textures across the recording some tracks longer others almost snippets of delights; Get Down may be the shortest at just over 2 minutes but it packs a weighty punch with its happy bouncing tempo it is a tune to set any party or gathering alight. Old Glory and The Wild Revival’s opening and closing track are two versions of Playin’ For Keeps, the studio and live version and has a driving shredded lick that is infectious, lively and the solos send a thrill of pleasure down your spine and is most definitely a track that just demands to be played often and loud and the energy and re-working of the live version is very special. Jared James Nichols could easily be corralled into a box labelled Lynard Skynard/Southern Rock but there is so much more and has a wider appeal and his sound Haywire is a mix of blues and commercial appeal and could be the music that introduces a wider and younger audience into the blues. He is under 25 and so speaks their language as he shows the power of blues when combined with the three essentials, great lyrics, stand-out vocals and a guitar sound that sings to you with excitement and that hint of danger. This is heard in tracks with attitude they demand to be played loud including Blackfoot, inspired by the native Indian Tribe the tale unfolds with descriptive imagery that the music folds around as an aural punctuation underlining and making the story bold.

Come Into My Kitchen the tempo slows the acoustic guitar is caressed and the slide makes the guitar reflect the lyrics this is a track that shows Jared is no one trick pony he can do speed and can shred but he can also slow down the blues and make every note and word count. An album that introduces and should kick open the doors to festivals across the world and for Bluesdoodles hurry across the pond and play the U.K. YES he answers I am the special guest on Glenn Hughes Autumn Tour 2015 – TOUR DATES HERE

Bluesdoodles gives this CD NINE doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch


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