Jack Savoretti playing to a full Tramshed

Jack Savoretti playing to a full Tramshed

Jack Savoretti playing to a full Tramshed


Wednesday night in Cardiff and all roads led to the Tramshed off Clare Street. Everyone appeared to be walking and driving to see Jack Savoretti the atmosphere was excited anticipation as Earl opened for Jack Savoretti and his band.

Jack Savoretti playing to a full TramshedEarl stepped on stage sat behind her keyboard and picked up electric guitar and entertained with a singer/songwriter set that entertained. Earl from Alaska now based in London has fine vocals and the lyrics certainly shared emotions with the audience if they cared to listen. Those that did were enchanted by the laid back and warm demeanor of Earl. Showcasing her EP recorded in a church and performed Good Witch which is being played on Radio 2 on the B list and noticed by Chris Evans. This is her first UK tour and her name will definitely get more notice and as her style develops, needs more variation in tempo and musical delivery to retain interest; Earl has the musical foundation for being a powerful Singer/songwriter act.

Short break and the laughing and excitement grew in Tramshed and for a change the audience was predominately women. The age range was diverse and once again proving live music is healthy in UK as people come out to a venue on a cold March Cardiff evening.

Jack Savoretti playing to a full TramshedWhat a loss to the British music scene if the broke and disillusioned singer/songwriter had quit four/five years ago. Thankfully the fates had another plan for Jack, as he said an angry farewell to the music business. The songs just came, a viaduct for the anger and frustration the younger Jack was feeling. Like many talented musicians touring the circuit his voice is exceptional, his stage presence amenable and musicianship that makes the best of the lyrics. The writing and personal passion resulted in 2011’s critically-acclaimed Before The Storm; the future was now set to stay with a music career for once the combination of perseverance and talent combined to make sure that Jack Savoretti was now here in Cardiff as part of a sell-out tour.

The stage went dark the atmosphere built-in a venue that knows how to put on a show, on came the band and then to a rousing heartfelt cheer before a note was played or sung Jack Savoretti himself.  The dramatic intro over and straight in to the title track of his current album Written In Scars, the music rolled for another 90 minutes as we were entertained with a stomping, rollickingly good mix of alternative rock folk with variation weaved through the weft and warp of the musical tapestry painted tonight by Jack Savoretti. There were blues riffs and licks and country guitar, southern rock and British rock n’ roll creating an accessible sound that refused to be captured into the cul-de-sac that being linked with a specific genre can become.

Jack Savoretti has a superb band supporting his vocals that change like a vocal chameleon to suit the shape of the lyrics and musical style and accomplished acoustic guitar playing. The band created the deep rhythms, drummer Jesper Lind and John Bird Jnr on various Bass guitars and upright and to the melody is keyboard play Nikolaj Torp Larsen (Danish session musician who currently also tours with The Specials) and a Wurlitzer with a Nord C3 is different from the Hammond combo.  To the left of Jack is guitarist Pedro Vito who adds such depth of tone from his myriad of guitars to add whether a Fender or a Gibson with and without glittery finish.  The band with the layers of tonal colours paint the musical landscape for Jack Savoretti who rules the stage and is the focal point of the audience’s attention. They were delighted as Fight Until The End and Breaking The Rules were sung the atmosphere was getting  hot hot hot. Then the band left the stage after Home and for one track the stage was Jack’s with an acoustic solo of Dylan’s Nobody ‘Cept You. His voice was deep and melodic filling the Tramshed from the edge of the stage up into the rafters. Once again the soundmen had the sound spot-on.  He was not left on his own for long as John Bird joined him for Soldiers Eyes and then the rest of the band picked up the baton and the second half of the show started.  The crowd continued to be pleased and sing along to the numbers they love so much. The whoops of pure joy rang around the venue, the energy of live music is addictive.

Jack has a vocal range that can be compared with many on the circuit, the gravel tones stop the whole proceedings becoming syrupy sweet combined with the lyrics that have a passionate power. As in For The Last Time – “I don’t want to hear what you, I’ve heard it all before every single phrase, Wipe away the tears drowning out my days, Give me back the years that you took away….“.  Knock Knock, brought the set to an end and had the everyone harmonizing with Jack  this gritty gravel infused vocal on a country-style number the venue was rocking.  No the silence didn’t last he and the band were back for three more songs for an encore with Come Shine The Light a closing number that will linger as an earworm for everyone at the sell-out gig tonight. Cardiff says, Thank you Jack Savoretti for crossing the bridge over the Severn and to Tramshed for being such a great venue for live music.

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