It is an Excellent Day sings Lizanne Knott

It is an Excellent Day sings Lizanne Knott

It is an Excellent Day sings Lizanne Knott



The album spins a silky tapestry of luxurious blends of Americana, country, shades of blues and wisps of folk all held in place by the roots of memory. The skill and dexterity of singer-songwriter Lizanne Knott’s skills are the heart, soul and takes us on a winding trip to the Excellent Day we all dream off.

The curving country twang opens up the journey towards the closing title track Excellent Day! The opening is dark described as Americana-noir the drumming pounds out the atmospheric beat from Erik Johnson. Setting the shape of melodic mood of the album, her fourth studio release and the inspiration flowed during a period of reflection following the unexpected death of guitarist Jef Lee Johnson a long-time friend three years ago. The album flows with shimmering textures, a lightness of touch even Josh Lawrence’s trumpet is muted, sad as it blends into the atmosphere on melancholic Goodbye.

The words sway and pull you into a lyrical narrative, sometimes joyous, often sad. Throughout, Rainbow Crow the music is sublime and the story is loose as a blackbird lives in a rainbow sky showing that we can all fly. The guitar is sweet and the vocals once again full of gentle tenderness, with the hardened edge of reality. The cover of Stolen Car, a Bruce Springsteen number is tinged with wistful shading by Lizanne, whilst Gershwin’s Ain’t Necessarily So is blues that is full of full-flavoured intent, every note is given a smooth edge that flows in a cascade of blues. A song gifted by a fan, Sometimes, a ballad of gentleness from Janis Ian. In between to softest silk and glistening nuggets of gospel folk on Lay My Burden Down. This is an album to chill out too, letting stress be diluted by the tender melodic tones of Lizanne Knott. Closing with The title track the beat picks up the sun is out and the music leaves your feet tapping to Excellent Day.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Excellent Day – Lizanne KnottProper Music

Track Listing
1. Come For The Kill
2. Why You Wanna Break My Heart
3. Goodbye
4. It Ain’t Necessary
5. Rainbow Crow
6. Tennesse
7. Not This Time
8. Lay My Burden Down
9. Stolen Car
10. Someday Love
11. Sometimes
12. Excellent Day

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