Introvertigo An Inverted World Captured With Patlansky’s Guitar

Introvertigo An Inverted World Captured With Patlansky’s Guitar

Introvertigo An Inverted World Captured With Patlansky’s Guitar


It only seems a short while since Bluesdoodles played Dear Silence Thieves for the first time and instantly captivated by the blues-wrapped rock of South African Dan Patlansky. 2016 and Introvertigo is now on permanent play. To be released on 6th May coinciding with touring UK during May and June it is an album that should be added to your collection. On the first listen through, what immediately struck me was the blues curling guitar excitement as you would expect from Dan, it was the power of the vocals and the stories rolling off his dark and bitter/sweet tongue. The album is full of stinging attitude.

Opening with acoustical disturbance from his strings the guitar bounces and the album is off with a gut bending scream. Reflecting what the Urban Dictionary defines as Introvertigo. Yes! it is a real word not a made up fantasy on this personal well thought out album. “The dizziness and disorientation felt by an introvert after spending more than 5 minutes with an extrovert”. With no title track Run the opening number feels with its running away from mob mentality to reflect the craziness fell by Introvertigo. The guitar pushes the beat and is a driving force of Poor Old John. The lead break has a speed and frantic intensity of the husband of the unfaithful wife seeking out John. This is blues that rocks and Poor Old John is not going to have a good time if the husband ever catches up with him! We leave Poor Old John and his plotting and now it is a look at religion, not individual’s beliefs but the corrupt misuse of power. Sonnava Faith starts with a clap of thunder and deep organ chords and the intoning of a sermon attention gained. Most definitely yes, delightfully assaulted with powerful guitar chords and stingily sharp lyrics, Dan Patlansky has something to say in his blues and you want to listen as you relate to that story being unravelled. The album is hotting up the guitar just connects to your musical DNA as the lyrics make you think. A very clever and entertaining track on so many levels.

When reviewing there are normally tracks that you skip over not, this time, they all will be getting a mention as the tone and texture changes and the concept of Introvertigo on oneself unfurls into an understanding of the album, as a complete entity. We now leave the Church and go into the oft harsh world of childhood and the pain inflicted by children on each other. Loosen Up the Grip has a musical flow as the guitar spirals around Andy Maritz’s drumming. The lead breaks are sublime bringing a feeling of hurt isolation as the guitar weeps and sighs with an emotional intensity of a child isolated and lost. Then a second of silence time to breathe and a rhythmic acoustic feel to the chanting of Heartbeat. This has a primeval tribal feel which builds with a crescendo if electric power. This dies away as the lyrics and a harsh guitar takes over and then the crescendo of a chorus. Blues Rock that excites and addresses the communication of a homeless man trying to be seen as a person the same as us all and not a label. The subject is powerful and moving with music to compliment. This is a blues rock album so women as a subject matter have to be in the mix. Stop the Messin’ is a drivin’ edge blues full of fervent desires Dan’s vocals are deep down and dirty reflecting the tone of the lyrics. Then with a deft flick of the finger tips the chords are minor slow and full of deepest blue with Bet On Me, this for me sits alone and part of the introvert theme. Introverts may at times be thoughtful and quiet but are a good bet as the other side is a deep loyalty and understanding. Bet On Me you can hear as the single the radio play that once again gets Dan Patlansky noticed. Throughout Still Wanna Be Your Man SRV’s sound is there whispering and shaping the guitar tone and chord structure. This is blues that hits the sky blue notes of purity with the vocals carving the notes out of keys and guitar. The lingering notes reflect the impossibility of balancing life on the road away from home and family life the most personal track on the album. Full of anguish and hope, trust and concern. The penultimate track opens with a child’s voice with an air of innocence. The drum beat tells you the opposite. Western Decay looks back to easier less confusing and dangerous times. The rhythms are deep with Clint Falconer’s bass line like a drone of forewarning the lyrics full of yearning power to be able to untangle the mess. Closing the album we have guitar that squeals with joy unleashed with a passion. Rocking Queen Purree as Dan’s little daughter takes centre stage. How a child takes control rules your world and like the rest f the album there is an integrity an introverts truth of what the world looks like.

Introvertigo with its carefully crafted lyrics that blend urbane wit and honest observation, this is blues pertinent to today’s lifestyles, not so much whiskey and women more the corruption of power and social interaction. Ten tracks there are no fillers every number is full of strength and tonal power but there is not an off note or lyric. This has been achieved by production that keeps the live heat flowing from guitar and vocals. Theo Crous once again and recorded in Cape Town at the Bellville Studio. Introvertigo redefining Introverts.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Introvertigo – Dan Patlansky – Independent – Release Date 6th May 2016

Track Listing

1. Run
2. Poor Old John
3. Sonova Faith
4. Loosen Up The Grip
5. Heartbeat
6. Stop The Messin’
7. Bet On Me
8. Still Wanna Be Your Man
9. Western Decay
10. Queen Puree

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