Inglorious opens for The Winery Dogs – Bristol

Inglorious opens for The Winery Dogs Bristol


Inglorious opens for The Winery Dogs – Bristol. Inglorious are cooking up a storm wherever they play.  Described as “The future of rock and roll.” By Planet Rock Radio – Paul Anthony, they are putting in the miles and the debut self-titled album captures the mood. Who are Inglorious? Five men who just what to play the music they love rocking the roll with hi octane verve. Fronted by Nathan James the singer with the operatic fuelled vocals made for rock.

Inglorious-4966A packed O2 Academy in Bristol waited in anticipation of the main act of the evening The Winery Dogs. Many were blown away by the quality of the opening band, Bluesdoodles was impressed when we heard them at their official debut gig at Planet Rockstock in December. They have improved BUT they are at times too theatrical. Less of the nineties stadium rock stances and more focus on instrumentation would take them up another notch. The set was a collection of self-penned and the cover of Toto’s Girl Goodbye it is expected by the fans that this will be played. The opening track of debut album, Inglorious is a great way to get the show under way Until I Die is an opportunity for Nathan to open his lungs so that the whole of Bristol can here is rockingly magnificent voice.  The high notes sustained and clear contrasting with deeper gruffer growls.  Nathan’s middle name must be charisma as he exudes the charm with every note, flick of the hair and the casual boot on the monitor. He sings for you, he has this freedom thanks to the interplay and solid and dramatic input from the band.  A pair of guitarist who complement each other on the left Andreas Erikson and the right Will Taylor they are the lynch pin of the rock melody giving Nathan the room to roam his vocal notes. There is never ever any suggestion that guitars will over power the vocals, they are fully charged, creating goose bumps and spine tingling moments. The guitar playing is stunning and the interplay superb with the rhythm section of bassist Colin Parkinson, and drummer Phil Beaver. Inglorious put on a show combining a huge stage presence, musicianship and drama with Nathan and Andreas kneeling and screaming in harmony as strings and vocals combine in perfect harmony. The songs were powerful the lyrics coiled around the music and were carried across the auditorium. Stand out moments were for me Holy Water, You’re Mine co-written with Whitesnake’s, Joel Hoekstra and the cherry on the rock cake of delight was Girl Got A Gun. What a start to an evening of live music now for The Winery Dogs.

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winerydogs_photoThe stage set for The Winery Dogs, this sell-out show crammed from front of the stage and up into the rafters. The entry was dramatic the build-up was huge and the entrance was a paled into insignificance as the band performed. What a power trio, Mike Portnoy behind the drums his blue beard catching the lights and with effervescent energy conducted the show from back of the stage with drum sticks pointed, twirled in a ballet of stick drama throughout the show.  Completing the rhythm section bassist extraordinaire, Billy Sheehan he made the four strings scream, a demonstration of a bass wizard at work. In addition to this the rhythm section added to the depth and grace of the vocals.  Adding to the duo is Richie Kotzen guitarist, vocalist and more a true multi-instrumentalist who shaped the music creating layers of tonal textures which define The Winery Dogs.

Richie’s vocal power and range is all about tone and creating shapes with the voice. His vocals are as different as apples and oranges from Nathan’s what a contrast these are subtler and full of textured beauty. It is the chemistry between the band that allowed for conducting from behind, they just never lost sight of Portnoy with the bass drum the heartbeat of every moment the trio were on stage.  Bristol is just one stop on their Double Down World Tour, and Mike got a huge cheer when he said we came out of London, Manchester and make our journey to Bristol worthwhile make the night hot.  With the latest Album Hot Streak released October 2015 this was a chance for the music to be heard live jumping of the grooves and played direct through speakers the tracks worked 100%. Live music once again is the best.  Opening with Oblivion we were in for a roller-coaster ride of delights from a band on sparkling form they wanted us to have fun. The title track of the current album, Hot Streak was a winner the whole band were immense, completely in-tune with the each other.  Richie’s virtuoso guitar playing zinged with a powerhouse attitude reflected by the energetic bass playing from Billy.  Richie shreds the strings no plectrum and no blood amazingly. This is never manic can I go as fast as possible it is simpler tasteful like many of the great blues players he rules the strings bending them to his will.  Then there is Billy playing the bass at times like a rhythm guitar just batters the four strings with a vigour that defies at times the only possible outcome was a broken string. That never happened.  Then there were the solo’s a drum solo that entertained as Mike played under the single light an acrobatic dancer who manipulates the drums and cymbals a clash of the titans.  Bass solos normally are short, unimaginative tonight Billy’s was different. He is rocks answer to Norman Watt-Roy. With theatrical stops precise then back into rocking mode as he slapped the strings, and chased his fingers up and down the fret board. The bass went from the deepest rumble to the sharpest note. The tone changes and the sound mimicked keys and then an organ. The crowd cheered not because the solo ended but because the playing was jaw-droppingly breath-taking. The set was full of twists and turns and the acoustic performance of Fire by Richie was spell-binding, a mellow moment within the drama. (I do wish audiences would shut up and listen and not talk over quieter numbers, and put down the phones recording the show – who wants to view the live moments through a screen!).  Adding more changes Richie sat behind the Wurlitzer, ‘a lovely moment’ said fan Steve Pierce. Ending with Elevate we just wanted more, we were elevated to the cream of rock performances. With rousing cheers Bristol was treated to three more numbers before heading into the night our eyes alight with the tones, and textures of this powerhouse of a rock band.

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