Ian Siegal ~ One Night In Amsterdam

IanSiegal_OneNightInAmsterdamBluesdoodles loved listening to this album and review and still creeps on the play list why it is simply Quality – Ian Siegal full of confidence with sublime guitar from Dusty Ciggaar – read what I wrote – One Night In Amsterdam



“Hard Pressed” (live & extended) is the free download track exclusively available with the CD and Vinyl editions of Ian Siegal’s live album “One Night in Amsterdam”.


Album release date 9th March 2015
This album gives you a taste of the live sound in your front-room but to get the real McCoy, get out to a gig he is touring Europe and UK in March with the band click here for Tour Dates.

Track Listing
1. I Am The Train (Siegal – Candy Store Kid)
2. Brandy Balloon (Siegal – Meat & Potatoes)
3. Kingdom Come (Siegal – Broadside)
4. Introduction
5. Writing On the Wall (Stephenson
6. Introduction
7. Temporary (Raskolnikov)
8. Early Grace (Siegal – Standing In The Morning & Candy Store Kid)
9. Gallo Del Cielo (Russell)
10. Queen Junior Prom (Harrison/Siegal – Standing In The Morning)
11. Love Hurts (Bryant)
12. Please Don’t Fail Me (Lentze)

Ian Siegal: Vocals & Guitar
Dusty Ciggaar: Lead Guitar & Pedal Steel Guitar
Raphael Schwiddessen: Bass
Danny Van’t Hoff: Drums

Guest Vocals tracks 11 & 12
Joel Gaerthe
Tess Gaerthe

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