Ian Siegal All The Rage Playing The Tunnels

Ian Siegal All The Rage Playing The Tunnels

Tonight once again Ian Siegal delivered. His music is rooted in blues, American folk music shaped and honed by influences and delivered with his style no wonder he is All The Rage! Plus a big Thank you for introducing The Dawn Brothers to UK audiences

Monday night in Bristol. We were in for a treat to send the musical express full steam ahead for the week. Ian and his band played with a new album All The Rage we knew we would be hearing new music tonight. To start the night off, opening the evening were his Special guests the young Dutch band The Dawn Brothers from Rotterdam to Bristol who delighted the audience. Yes, the audience was small but we were out listening to live music on a Monday night. Everyone out listening to live music had definitely taken the right decision. With over half a dozen members of the growing audience dropping into The Tunnels, Bristol on the way home from a weekend at HRH Blues festival in Sheffield we wanted to hear the more live music.

The Dawn Brothers make Monday feel like a Saturday night with their great sound they are a dynamic R&B band that energise the venue with their harmonious mix of brilliant musicianship. With a quartet of vocalists, they harmonised with each other making every number replete with layers of textures and tones. They capture the feel with the combination of Wurlitzer, guitar and a rhythm section that laid down deep grooves. The sound took us back to the past with a twist in the road that catapulted us to the future. With a captivating mix of Americana, soul infused with the rock, the sound distils throughout the venue a good time vibe. The Dawn Brothers bring to the listener the energy and positivity of a bright new sunshiny day. We heard tracks from the album Stayin’ Out Late including Vampire a great song complete with a language lesson. The speed varied and was at times quite experimental, the melodic harmonies always kept their shape and form. Holy Water was definitely a highlight for me boding well for their second album to be released later in 2018.

This is definitely a band that understand the music they want to mould and shape into their own distinctive sound. The Dawn Brothers have never fallen into the trap of copying their influences. They have used the sounds they have heard and shaped them into their own driving rhythms full of contours and surprises, making The Dawn Brothers crowd pleasers with an innovative and joyous sound harking back to the ‘dawn’ of the sixties and seventies with the added delight of a sound full of modernity. This is a retro plus, harnessing the edginess of analogue sound that is right for now. Come back and play the UK soon please. And this time make sure you bring more CD’s as they were sold out by the time they reached Bristol. Big shout out to Ian Siegal for introducing The Dawn Brothers to UK audiences.

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Short break and time for Ian and his band to step on the stage on his All The Rage Tour. The tour is an opportunity to hear the songs from the new album, All The Rage live. They did not disappoint. Opening with Won’t Be Your Shotgun Rider. The Tunnels filled with the distinctive and varied vocals of Siegal as he started off with this country fuelled number. We were up and running aboard the Siegal train; tonight was going to be a journey full of wit, anger and what would be delivered with the sharp turn of phrase that defines a live Siegal show? Into the mix on the opening number trademark licks and riffs and guitar phrasing that defines the mastery of Dusty Ciggaars guitar work, his fender adding spice to the Gibson under Ian’s control. The rhythm section adds another layer augmenting the power of the song providing the shape and drive as Danny Van’t Hoff on bass and once again the superb stick display from Rafael Schwiddessen. Tonight we heard every track off the album and they are fabulous recorded in the studio BUT! Live they take on another dimension there is added electricity and a freedom that bands harness when playing the music they created live on stage. The lyrics gain strength the narrative more emotionally charged as the audience connects with the artiste. Many of the songs on All The Rage were written in collaboration with a variety of Ian’s friends.
We were treated to Jacob’s Ladder that is a powerhouse on the album with its clever lyrics live you can look in Ian’s eye as he spits out some words and cajoles others making the track huge…. As he sings I am the monster in your closet. This is an album full to bursting with lyrical gems. There is a rage, confusion and weariness of how the world is marching undeterred to self-destruction throughout the album. This is captured in The Sh*t Hit with the weeping of Siegal’s slide guitar at it’s very best and lyrics capturing the mood, well-known phrases including shit hits the fan. This is the track that sums so much up as he says “When the shit hits, I ‘m getting out of here!” There is no-one like Ian playing slide it is simply sublime, accentuating these angry and bewildering times.
We all agree that Ain’t You Great is how we think of Ian Siegal performing on a stage. The combination of lyrics that bring pain the opposite to the flowing dancing manipulation of Dusty’s accompaniment making this song bring music happiness and sting words. Again a twist on a nursery rhyme we no longer have in this angry times twenty-four blackbirds baked in a pie BUT! “Now the pie is open, the carrion will sing the King becomes the joker and the joker becomes the King”. What an album, what an album for this time and place.
Into the mix we heard a favourite from Candy Store Kid I Am The Train, Dusty’s stunning ingenious sound defying guitar work comes into play. Dusty Ciggaar is a six-string magician his wizardry on the Fender is spellbinding with a lead break that leaves you wanting more, not with that sinking feeling of when will it end.
The album has moments of reflection and gentleness following on from the murder ballad One-Eye King and Eagle-Vulture, with drumming that adds to the drama of the transformation and the scriptures are explored. There is a flicker of hope. My Flame is soothing, loving and there is the certainty of knowing someone is the one. We all need that moment when life is complete and anger and hate is conquered by love.
No interval, but were entertained by the third band of the evening as Rhythm Chiefs took centre stage with an instrumental that defied description. The instrumental flowed never in a straight line but in a swirling mix of musical eddies and this is imaginative R&B reflecting the sound heard early with The Dawn Brothers.
With Ian back on stage we heard a firm favourite from the past, never delivered quite the same this is a song that comes alive on stage as we meet once again She’s Got The Devil In Her. The first number written for the album co-written and reflects the places where they grew up. Closing out the show Ian invited Dawn Brother’s scintillating keyboard player, Rowan de Vos to join them on Sweet Souvenir. The bartenders is the vehicle for reminiscences on a number that drips with Siegal’s charm and wit delivered with a viper’s tongue. The stage then fell quiet. Monday was certainly much brighter with music, and then they were back as the night ended with both bands on stage for a glorious jam in the ‘people’s key in G!’ As we heard Baby Don’t Do It. A Great finale to a wonderful Monday night in Bristol.

I know you told us this was going to be your last long tour of the UK. We can only ask that you do not be a stranger, this is a difficult place at the moment but we need your music, pithy turn of phrase to give a sense of musical purpose and we did all come out on a Monday. It is to the shame of all lovers of live music that this was not a sell-out any day of the week. As All The Rage captures, we are living in difficult and troubling times. That makes it even more essential that the arts and music must never be hidden or silenced/, Why? Without art there is no imagination, freedom of thought and the pleasure live music brings to our soul lighting up our inner being.

Tonight once again Ian Siegal delivered. His music is rooted in blues, American folk music shaped and honed by influences and delivered with his style no wonder he is All The Rage!

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The Dawn Brothers – Band Members
Bas van Holt: Guitar/Vocals
Levi Vis: Bass/Vocals
Rowan de Vos: Keys/Vocals
Rafael Schwiddessen: Drums/Vocals

Ian Siegal
Ian Siegal Vocals/Guitar
Dusty Ciggaar: Guitar
Danny Van’t Hoff: Bass/Vocals
Rafael Schwiddessen: Drums/Vocals

Set List
Shot Gun Rider
Jacob’s Ladder
The Sh*t Hit
Ain’t You Great
I am The Train (Candy Store Kid)
One-Eye King
My Flame
She’s Got The Devil In Her
Sailor Town
Sweet Souvenir

Extra Band – Rhythm Chiefs
Dusty Ciggaar: Guitar
Danny Van’t Hoff: Bass/Vocals
Rafael Schwiddessen: Drums/Vocals


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Ian Siegal All The Rage Playing The Tunnels



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