Ian Siegal 2wnty5ive The Collection

 Ian Siegal 2wnty5ive The Collection

Ian Siegal 2wnty5ive The Collection


Ian Siegal 2wnty5ive The Collection is a three CD boxed set celebrating twenty-five years of professional touring. Accompanying the recordings  is a book with an opening biography written by Tom Russel, MoJo Magazine, Classic Rock and more, he understands the music and gets underneath the skin of the music. Into the mix are a selection of photographs that epitomise the spirit, soul and moods that are Ian Siegal on tour. Whilst the lyrics, once again confirm the poetry inherent in the songs written by a wordsmith who mixes his metaphors, whilst misquoting the Bible and plucks phrases and rhymes for the interesting corners of the lexicon of songwriters. Of the thirty-eight tracks, seven were co-written the other tracks are all written by the man himself.  The collection spans the music Ian and his various bands and collaborations have been released by Nugene Records, ten albums in total. Yes, we have the individual albums but these songs have made the cut and have been selected to celebrate, showcase and delight in the many memories we have of following Ian on the road for all or some of the last twenty-five years.

Ian Siegal 2wnty5ive The CollectionThis is the Opus Majus of an artist who whether playing solo, as a duo or with a band electric or acoustic always entertains and the box set does just that.  The collection has been put together with thought this is not  a timeline starting with earliest and ending with the latest it is a melding of tone, mood and colours that is the spectrum of country blues infused rootsy music that Ian Siegal delivers with the charm and wit of a snake oil salesman as he growls snarls and lures you into the tonally magic brew that is his distinctive work.  The albums the songs are taken from are like a staging post on the journey Ian takes us on through the music that inspires him The three albums as a trio/band Meat & Potatoes, Swagger and Broadsides, the solo album Dust, his live albums Man and Guitar and One Night and Amsterdam, Mississippi hill country inspired The Skinny, Candy Store Kid and Picnic sessions and Wayward Sons as a duo with Jimbo Matthus. We all have favourite tracks and the album that has that special place in our Siegal collection. The box collection captures every moment and wraps up our memories across the three CDs we can sit back and savour. This is a walk on the dark side with Ian Siegal, rootsy blues with country colouring as we explore the music and the journey we have travelled with a contemporary musical troubadour where Ian wanders down to the bayou, up in the hills and across the plain he is The Train and we are the passengers on a musical ride that is always exciting.

Do not be Stranger Than a Green Dog and get along to an Ian Siegal show and enjoy the music as he digs back into a back catalogue that is deep and wide and definitely a portrait of the man and his guitar. Here is to the last Twenty-Five years with Ian Siegal and looking forward to the next musical gem on the train ride.

How to score this? it is a Ten yet again a collection that will form an integral part of every fans collection and for those yet to discover Ian Siegal it his music encapsulated in a three CD Collection. You would be Hard Pressed to find a better collection and this is a trio of delights that will never be sent to Quarantine.


Ian Siegal 2wnty5ive The CollectionIan Siegal  – 2wnty5ive The Collection – Nugene Records

Content: 3x CDs/38 songs, 72 page illustrated book of lyrics, flightcase sticker, and special discount on vinyl

TEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Ian Siegal is on Tour playing his songs of the last twenty-five years.

Ian Siegal 2wnty5ive The Collection

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