Huge Guitar Riffs blowing through Georgia Pines

Huge Guitar Riffs blowing through Georgia PinesHuge Guitar Riffs blowing through Georgia Pines

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Broken Witt Rebels

Five tracks that will shape your musical listening. From the opening guitar riff Broken Witt Rebels hit that sweet spot of listenability. Yes there are huge guitar riffs blowing through Georgia Pines plus so much more. There is nothing Low about the opening track that sits at the high altar of rootsy rocking delights. Low is an obvious choice to be the early release prior to the April release date of the full E.P.

Broken Witt Rebels, are a young band from Birmingham UK; not Alabama, listening to the immense sound they create full of Southern heat and charm the confusion is plausible. The vocals from Danny Core have a distinctive tone that add to the layers of rhythmic sound. The voice creates a mood that is wrenching and drenched in emotion that hooks onto James Tranter’s lead guitar.

The tale of Suzie unfolds as Danny’s voice grinds around some grungy blues riffs that give old blues an uplifting contemporary twist. The title track is fast and has a feeling of movement and urgency. With Confusion the opening words reflect the intro and the drumming with its insistent beat from James Dudley. This is soulful rock-rooted in an authenticity of sound that will lead to comparison with Alabama Shakes and Black Keys. The reality is Broken Witt Rebels are grinding out there own musical furrow with bassist Luke Davis and the drums of James Dudley providing a deeply a rooted rhythm section. This allows Danny and James to explore the depths of the lyrics and shape the tone around the rhythm creating soulful rock, a driving force of southern blues. Getaway Man another change of texture this must be awesome live as the instrumentation builds around the vocals.

All too soon the dying notes of the last track Guns fade away. This is a band that have so much more material and exploration they are exciting, vibrant and bring a raw energy to the sound they create.

Enjoy the beautiful produced E.P. and get out and see them live you can feel the electric energy that would release onto the stage if not trapped in this recording with huge guitar riffs blowing through Georgia Pines. Adding into the mix vocals that remain long after the last note is sung. Broken Witt Rebels have nailed their rocking vibe to the Georgia Pines.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

The 5-track EP, released for worldwide distribution in April, is currently available for pre-order from the band’s official website . The first single, “LOW”, will be released as a music video with a Soundcloud link for free streaming on Friday 26 February.

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Huge Guitar Riffs blowing through Georgia Pines

Huge Guitar Riffs blowing through Georgia Pines

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