Hollow Bones Album filled with Rival Sons Rock n’ Roll

Hollow Bones Album filled with Rival Sons Rock n’ Roll

Hollow Bones Album filled with Rival Sons Rock n’ Roll

Hollow Bones, Rival Sons, is another rock fuelled stop on the bands journey of development as they stride across the rock-stratosphere. This album fixes them firmly near the top the music just keeps getting better.

Jay Buchanan on vocals and the driving power of the band opens with the first part of Hollow Bones. The earworms are in the chorus, the riffs and the curdling cry of Hollow Bones. Rival Sons once again infect your conscious with fuzzed-up; fuelled up Rock n Roll that is sublime. The album was recorded in Nashville’s LCS Studio with Dave Cobb taking on production duties once again. Who can argue when he says “Rival Sons are the best rock’n’roll band on the planet”!
The music is drenched in a flow of sounds that are distilled into notes of raw emotion. The distinctive vocals of Jay Buchanan are full of fire, passion and the tonal depth of intensity, grabbing your attention and keeping your ears fixed in awe to the speaker. The music cascades and falls with a gushing complexity of textures which, when played loud, adds to a tonal journey of pure wonder and enjoyment.

Rival Sons are not a one-man outfit, guitarist Scott Holidays playing throughout the album adds tonal texture and aural interest. The fuzzy signature and the searing chords play their part in underpinning the emotion and tones of Jay’s Vocals. None of these theatricals would be possible without the rhythmic engine room of Dave Beste on bass punctuated by the stylish drumming of Michael Miley.

The weather changes with Thundering Voices the bands intro full of an underlying menace and tension. The tension wraps around the spirituality held within the vocal delivery and driven by Scot’s guitar and the driving bass line from Dave. The driving Drum and Bass shape the track Baby Boy, this is no gentle lullaby the lyrics are hard ‘Look at the Baby Boy with a gun in his hands’ sings jay as the drumming picks up the underlying message in a punctuation that is pithy and questioning. Many of the tracks are destined with time to become rock classics. Who could resist the guitar riff within Pretty Face? Combined with a mega-chorus this track must be high on the demanding shouts to be released as a single, destined to become a firm favourite with the fans.

The combination of drums, guitar, and bass-line of Fade Out gives the simplicity of the track the shape to contain the vocal power and tension held within Jay’s vocals and the lyrics. This is a stunning track play it loud and often and it will blow audiences away every time it is performed live with its shades of blues merging in with the driving rock. The tempo picks up for caffeine fuelled riffs of Black Coffee, with its bluesy licks from Scott’s guitar. This Humble Pie number is given the Rival treatment included in the album having first been released for 2015 Record Store. The 1973 track fits neatly into the hollow of the bones within their latest album.

This studio album has a rawness a sense of the unknown around the corner that you get with live music they are taking you on a musical ride that leaves you invigorated, drained and wanting more. They create this feeling of giving you an encore by placing Hollow Bones Pt 2. as the penultimate track. Pt2; picks up the beat with plaintive Jay making the lyrics work and our bones feel hollow as primeval chanting picks up the pace. This is epic. Left exhausted, thrilled and hyper all at the same time like a show you want more. So they do with the last track All That I Want. The tempo calms, the electric flow dampened with a tender, breath-taking number. Jay’s vocals thirst-quenchingly beautiful as he sings “hope it pleases you” Oh yes this pleases me immensely as it leaves me with tears in my eyes. Only an ice-queen or King could remain unmoved! Jay’s vocals. Acoustic guitar and the haunting power of strings as the album closes. Hollow Bones is an album that has nothing hollow about it. Filled with lyricism, music and a feeling of wondrous enjoyment that only perfect rock ‘n’ roll can deliver.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Rival Sons – Hollow Bones – Earache Records

Track Listing 

  1. Hollow Bones Pt.1
  2. Tied Up
  3. Thundering Voices
  4. Baby Boy
  5. Pretty Face
  6. Fade Out
  7. Black Coffee
  8. Hollow Bones Pt. 2
  9. All That I want

One thought on “Hollow Bones Album filled with Rival Sons Rock n’ Roll

  • 1st September 2016 at 1:08 am

    Best band on the planet, and there aren’t any other contenders. These guys are that good.
    It is either sad or awesome, depending on how you look at it, but I only discovered these studs less than a year ago when getting tickets for the Sabbath tour opening in Omaha. I immediately bought every album, and damn was it a great investment!! Can’t wait to see them in Chicago in 4 days!!


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