Hillbilly Vegas Welcomes you

Hillbilly Vegas Welcomes you

Hillbilly Vegas Welcomes you - for lovers of true southern rock this is a must-have and it promises much for the full-length album due in October.

Bluesdoodles rating: 4 Doodle Paws – for lovers of true southern rock this is a must-have and it promises much for the full-length album due in October.

“Gonna tell you a story ‘bout a man named Ted, poor mountaineer but he kept his family fed and then one day he was shooting at some food, and up from the ground came a bubbling crude…oil that is Texas tea.” Oh, wrong Hillbillies: these are from Vegas, not Beverly Hills! Sorry, couldn’t help it: whenever I hear Hillbilly, I hear that theme tune for the classic TV show, which implanted the tune and lyrics in my mind all those years ago, when we only had three tv channels. I do not mean the poor film version. Nor is it anything to do with the lovely Jayne Mansfield starring in Las Vegas Hillbillys (sic) which was also less than memorable…apart from Jayne.

Anyway, on to the band known as Hillbilly Vegas. They’ve been entertaining their growing fanbase in the US since 2011 and are set to repeat that here with a tour and this EP as a taster for what’s to come.

The band consists of Steve Harris (Lead Vocals & Guitar), Stacy Thornburg (Guitar), Jason Meredith (Guitar), Marty Lynch (Bass), Troy Hollinger (Drums) and Andy Wise (Backing Vocals) who make a helluva noise and promise much on this five track release that prepares the ground for a new album in October.

The opener, High Time For A Good Time, will inevitably bring Black Crowes comparisons which I won’t dispute, but with clever backing (including an uncredited organist), a superb bass line and lead solo it certainly stands proud on its own.

The next track is Southern rocked AC/DC with a hint of blues rock a la The Answer and even a tiny bit of Purple in the melody and keys…Hell To Pay, however, stays all Hillbilly and a great song with, I suspect, some chorus sing-a-longs. Plus the slide solo moves to twin for a lovely, short (way too short) sequence. Field Fulla Hillbillies saw the light of day with US country and western star, Justin Moore. That was not very C&W apart from the vocal as the backing was quite rocky…Hillbilly Vegas concentrate on the rock, but only after the acoustic intro lures you in. Time for a ballad and Losin’ To Win doesn’t disappoint. It starts with church-y organ, acoustic and vocal and builds the emotions almost endlessly…southern country rock par excellence. There’s also some lovely slide work subtly adding tension and a delightful guitar solo too.

The final track, Mason Jars And Moonlight, isn’t about preserving food…rather the throat-wrecking moonshine alcohol of legend. The southern rock wends it way through the light lyrics and chorus but the twin guitars and solo make it above the average, albeit lamentably short.

Put simply, if you like proper southern rock then you will find this irresistible and it promises much for the full-length album due in October.

Hillbilly Vegas Welcomes you

High Time For A Good Time
Hell To Pay
Field Fulla Hillbillies         
Losin’ To Win
Mason Jars And Moonlight

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(iTunes moved on to some heavy, fuzzed up blues from The Hoax and a delight called Hipslicker from 2013.)

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  1. Hi Woody – many thanks for taking the time list us at Bluesdoodles and that you agree with me of how good a band they are. There are rumours of a UK tour and European festival dates, so I will try and catch them live.

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