Hellbound Where Else On Dave Arcari’s Train

Hellbound Where Else On Dave Arcari’s Train

Hellbound Where Else On Dave Arcari’s Train


Get on board for a five track, four station stops, steaming train ride with the crazy Scottish Bluesman Dave Arcari.  As you step on board the Hellbound Train, put away prejudices and pre-conceived ideas of acoustic blues this is loud and a real mash-up.  You may wonder why there are two versions of Hellbound Train, when it is not too long for radio play well let’s say the radio edit loses some of the Arcari components, the language is now temperate.

With three new tracks, the title song, Good Moonshine & Travellin’ Man we have vintage Arcari with some heartfelt lyrics, reflecting the last three hectic years.  The opening whistle gets off to the start of the  journey then the instantly recognizable fingers of Dave on his national, unforgiving, punked-up blues, you know we are in for an adventure as he sings “it is all Rock N’ Roll Now, You have Nothing Left To loose”. Let’s not worry about the genre just the music and his pertinent observation.  Good Monshine is a gentler song, this is a travelling southern blues song that tells the tale with a jaunty country-blues tempo.  The third self-penned track picks up the beat and is again a reflection on travelling; Dave is on the road throughout the year and this road trip is about the life of a travelling man reflected in the stomping beat of the resonator.  We then have a traditional number coloured by Dave’s buoyant non-reverential approach to his music. Pearline is given the treatment and fits neatly into the Hellbound Train with rawness and integrity, this is the music I play if you don’t like fine but this is what I do.

The biggest disappointment is after three years absence from the recording studio we only have a snippet of Dave Acari’s music, a full album would have taken on a real mashed-up journey but hey it’s all Rock n’ Roll and this EP is sparkling with energy and driven by guitar playing with attitude.  So join the trip yes, Hellbound Where Else On Dave Arcari’s Train.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Hellbound Train – Dave ArcariBuzz Records

Track Listing

  1. Hellbound Train
  2. Good Moonshine
  3. Travellin’ Man
  4. Pearline
  5. Hellbound Train (Radio Edit)

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