Heavy Chimes with Glenn Hughes Resonate

Heavy Chimes with Glenn Hughes Resonate

Heavy Chimes with Glenn Hughes Resonate



Sometimes you wonder why/where an album got its name, was there any thought or reason in the choice. That definitely cannot be said about Resonate, Glenn Hughes brand of heavy rock reverberates through the eleven tracks. The vibrations are good, strong and click with your musical radar instantly you want to rock out with Glenn and his band.

Opening with Heavy the hook from the guitar reels you in slowly and the vocals from Glenn pulls you deep into the groove full of deep bass lines and rock that echoes in your soul resonating against memories and yet it is fresh and new so very twenty-first century.  The whole album has a feeling that is a continuation of a story already sketched out vaguely. The album is the finished project fleshed out, full of chords, deep and dark rock, also has a sleek shiny side.  Resonate makes perfect sense of the Glenn Hughes musical journey. It is the finished article.  The reality is this is his first solo album for eight years, featuring his live solo band, Soren Anderson on guitars and co-producer; Pontus Enborg drumming and keys courtesy of Lachy Doley.  Add into the mix the guest appearance of Red Hot Chilli Peppers Chad Smith a long-time friend and drummer who opens and closes the album.

Rock is about power, here the energy is in perfect balance. Vocals, strong harmonising with the instrumentation with a slightly dangerous edgy feel of Flow meets the full-blown organ led extravaganza of Steady. There is nothing steady, mundane or controlled about this fast-moving track that dips its toes deep in the pool that is coloured the deepest purple.

Half way through the album we are deep in the whirling heavy beats that define the album God Of Money is a heavy anthem that defines this album. BUT, then the unexpected How Long, opening with a juicy heavy beat with Glen vocalising with a growling curl “What kind of world?” Resonate is hot can this be sustained? Yes, with a change of tempo a softer ballad with a gentle and empathetic duet of keys and vocals, Pontus adds a harder beat with drums that keeps this from being another maudling rock ballad.

The closing finally of the tracks bring in funk, glitter and glam this is heavy rock that resonates through your music DNA. You know as the last notes of Long Time Gone you recognise this is a classic album that will stand the test of time it will not be long before it is spun again.

 Glenn Hughes – Resonate – Frontiers Music Srl

TEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Heavy
  2. My Town
  3. Flow
  4. Let It Shine
  5. Steady
  6. God Of Money
  7. How Long
  8. When I Fall
  9. Landmines
  10. Stumble & Go
  11. Long Time Gone

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