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Give It Back
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This latest album from Hamilton is alive with energy there is a zip of brilliance about the guitar playing, the band and the production of Give It Back. The vitality drives the tracks on that really should be getting repeated airplay on mainstream radio. The music is easy on the ear and heavy on blues with a dash of funk and twist of jazz and a generous dollop of freedom to bend and shape the sound to suit the mood of the music and lyrics.. This is music that is full of maturity tonal shades and deft guitar riffs and licks with searing undercurrents provided by the saxophone of Fabian Hernandez, inventive drumming from Armando Aussenac and completing th e rhythm section Dante Ware on bass with some tasty licks and grooves and a depth of character to every track.
In the opening track Stuck In A Rut Hamilton and the band definitely are not this it fizzes with a Texan funky groove this sets the tone he means business creating a Loomis sound across the 11 self-penned tracks and A Woman Like You by S Smith, this is a track that has a languid pace at times full of soul and influence from the master of a funky sound aka Prince. In the day of the discos this would have been a favourite request for the last track of the night and would have been a hit single. She Had Enough has a driving heavy rhythm which chugs along showing a darker side of the affable ever-smiling Hamilton, with drum and bass dominant and then the searing saxophone across the top. Hamilton’s voice is a little but gruffer and full of emotion giving this song loads of feeling.
This is an album where each track has its place and despite being recorded in a studio has a live feeling it gives you back energy; the title track Give It Back is a typical Texan Hamilton with some great backing vocals and interaction and a riff that makes you sit up and listen.
The closing track Peer Pressure has the riffs, licks and musical motifs that makes Hamilton instantly recognisable to his fans and this is a feel good instrumental where the voice would add nothing it is about the pressures of each instrument augmenting each other in the band and not letting anyone down; and this album certainly doesn’t do that. Give It Back is an album where the musicians are all giving the listener part of their souls so give back some love and go see him live, buy the album you will not be disappointed.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD out of EIGHT doodle paws a doodle rating of

TEN ……… pawprint half inch

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