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Gwyn Ashton the sizzling blues-guitar man has done it again with his sixth album ‘Radiogram’ is another awesome CD that makes you want to listen to it time and time again, the album works whether listening in track order or random and the tracks stand out in a crowd when merged in a random play with the other music you have upload/downloaded etc. Radiogram makes you really sit-up and listen from the off, when instead of a clean digital sound you hear that sound from the past, bringing back a wealth of memories of joyous anticipation that crackle as the needle hit the grooves in the vinyl and sound emerges! This is stylish blues that drives a rock n’ roll sound that is modern fresh and looking forward not harking back to another year through rose-tinted spectacles; again Kev Hickman is on the drums providing the perfect foil for Gwyns luscious voice and vibrant guitar sound along with plethora of high-profile guests including Don Airey (Deep Puple, Whitesnake, Black Sabbath), Kim Wilson (Fabulous Thunderbirds), Robbie Blunt(Fabulous Thunderbirds), Johnny Mastro (LA’s Mama’s Boys), Mark Stanway (Magnum, Phil Lynott), and Mo Birch (UB40, Go West, Culture Club). The production is quality but it is the music that counts not who is guesting and this delivers above the collection of great players from the rock world, as demonstrated on the opening track ‘Little Girl’ with its glorious display of slide guitar. This is followed with track after track of surprises and delights, every track has its own strengths and little quirky bits right through to the last ‘Bluz For Roy’; what a stunning finale with its blues guitar work of the highest standard what a fantastic way to end this album, show blues is a modern sound that is for pleasure for me that will win Gwyn fans far and wide. ‘Dog Eat Dog’, starts of with a powerful beat from Kev on drums followed by clean guitar work that has a zing to it when joined by the vocal sit all becomes a little bit dirty a powerful combination of sound; which along with ‘Angel’ are the two most standard rock blues tracks on the album, without being boring they both have the sound that makes this album stand out from the crowd. ‘Fortunate Kind’, hints of a country sound which really suit the lyrics and the longing in his voice, but this is no country ballad is has been given that distinctive and instantly recognisable Gwyn Ashton sound, which is layers and layers of tones, complex guitar work, funky and strong rhythm to combine with a live sound that makes you want to crank up the volume and enjoy living.
‘Radiogram’, is a fascinating mix of raw and delicate, intricate and simple, rock and blues, that reminds you why you love rock/blues music, this is no power-driven guitarist Gwyn knows he can play and uses this to provide subtlety when required and complexity of chords on a another track creating a whole wall of sound that keeps you engaged and above all entertained from beginning to end.
This album should launch Gwyn’s reputation and name far and wide across genre’s so that everyone who loves amazing guitar playing combined with strong lyrics and voice should be buying his music and going to so him live as his live-sound is as good as his recording, there is no excuse he is touring up and down the country get out and see quality live music that has a truly authentic sound and pick up a CD at the gig rather from the usual vendors of music..
Radiogram Track listing:
1. Little Girl
2. Don’t Wanna Fall
3. Let Me In
4. Fortunate Kind
5. I Just wanna Make
6. Dog Eat Dog
7. Angel
8. For Your Love
9. Comin’ Home
10. Bluz For Roy

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In the meantime listen to this – ‘Little Girl’

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