Gun Metal Gray’s; Island of The Damned is Shining Heavy Metal

Gun Metal Gray’s; Island of The Damned

Gun Metal Gray’s; Island of The Damned is Shining Heavy Metal



Sometimes the music that connects and makes sense surprises you. When I heard Gun Metal Gray at Planet Rockstock earlier this month I turned around and said “Wow they are awesome!”. Yes they are heavy metal, loud and in your face but the raw energy, vocals and guitar sound from the lead and rhythm spoke to my music DNA.

Reviewing heavy rock is a new venture and I will have to find the vocabulary but when I listened to the album Island of The Damned I knew that recorded and live this is Shining Heavy Metal.

Here goes… Opening with Revenge the guitar slam the opening fast, furious but never rushed rhythm rising in a crescendo of chords, melding together increasing the tension and the opening lyrics spit out across the melody. This is music that is hard-core driven and yes there is swearing and the pace is fast but it all makes perfect sense and fits the glove that is Gun Metal Gray. What makes the band work is the energy of the vocalist, David Damone, who has one task to do deliver the lyrics and ensure the timing of the band is perfect he does that in the studio and on stage. David is a front man with attitude pumping his stuff and remembering at all times the song is the main element of a rock show. The first three tracks are longer winding around the talents of the band We Are One opening with precision drumming from Jeff “Mufffin” Stumpf; before the signature vocals gruff and weighed with emotion. The pair of guitars do not do battle they join together peel away and support the vocals and each other. The timing and guitar power from Nick Wright and Christian Koch is a magical potion strong within Gun Metal Gray and makes them stand out from the crowd. Ed Allison the Bassist keeps the rhythm section going with deep riffs of the line that holds the rock together so there is no splitting into individual pebbles as they sing; We Are Strong, We Are One describing the band exactly.

The title track is fast guitar and again draws from every member and the vocals and guitar once again hog centre stage adding colour and texture combined with the raw energy of driving heavy rock. Closing with The Final Battle, the tempo quietness capturing the relief of after a drama, a storm this is a track that shows a gentler side and the true depth of Gun Metal Gray’s shining metal music.

The journey the sepia GMD map inside the CD takes you on a journey through the songs to the Island of the Damned and onto where X marks the spot of The Final Battle! on the other side reflecting this set in 1715 long before heavy rock the script gives you an insight into GMG thinking when putting these six tracks together. There is nothing random, every note and word has been carefully considered. Island of The Dammed is greater than the sum of its individual band members and each song is part of a chain of events where there are causes there are consequences.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD NINE pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

1. Revenge
2. Cursed For Eternity
3. We are One
4. Shipwrecked
5. Island Of The Damned
6. The Final Battle

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  1. I’ve just read this reviewers comments and have to agree ten fold.
    This is a superb EP, loud and in yer face, but perfectly, and cleverly linked together by superb musicianship and vocals.
    I LOVE the record and recommend it.

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