Gig Review : 10cc ~ St David’s Hall, Cardiff

10cc - St Davids Hall - Feb 2015 -  5 - _0004l

10cc - St Davids Hall - Feb 2015 -  5 - _0019l10cc
St David’s Hall, Cardiff
Tuesday 17th February 2015



10cc - St Davids Hall - Feb 2015 -  5 - _0008lOpening with Wall Street Shuffle as 10cc delivered the full Sheet Music album as the first set. They even included pausing to turn the album over, bringing back youthful memories for many in the audience as they listened to the album as delivered with style and drive by the current members of the band. Hotel was a great execution of the track and Old Wild Men with three guitars working from the heart of the band Graham Gouldman; Rick Fenn and Mick Wilson creating a very full-on sound. There is no doubt that the lyrics to each of the numbers are as relevant and poignant today as they ever were and the sad thing is nothing has changed unfortunately and the words of protest still hit a pertinent chord. The fans were in awe of the music being unfolded mesmerized by the collective talent on the stage and the layers of sound being produced as especially Mick Wilson changed the instruments being played and the slide from Rick Fenn adding that distinctive depth of tone.

10cc - St Davids Hall - Feb 2015 -  5 - _0009lThe second set upped the passion and energy as they delivered one hit and favourite song after another, no one had to be asked twice to join in the chorus or clap their hands the atmosphere was ecstatic as the happy audience took delight as the music flowed over the auditorium. Opening with The Things We Do For Love as the opening chords were struck the whoops of pleasure reverberated around the Hall. As one hit followed another, a wall of sounds combined to generate an atmosphere full of excitement and they bought even more warmth and some sunshine into February in Cardiff with a stirring version of Dreadlock Holiday. Then far too soon they were saying goodbye but they had two more songs up their collective sleeves for an encore – a different version of Donna sung A Cappella bringing the energy down and the audience as one focused on the harmonies being produced on stage then they upped the tempo for the Grande Finale – Rubber Bullets which unsurprisingly had the whole of the packed St David’s Hall on their feet dancing and singing the night away – live music, fantastic atmosphere in the heart of Cardiff courtesy of St David’s Hall once again. AS we celebrated 40 years since the release of the album Sheet Music, and glowed having heard music from a band where the musicians had the power of understanding each other that only comes with years of working together and thousands of gigging hours under their belts.

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Play List
First Set – Complete Album – Sheet Music
Side 1

1. The Wall Street Shuffle
2. The Worst Band In the World
3. Hotel
4. Old Wild Men
5. Clockwork Creep
Side 2
6. Silly Love
7. Somewhere in Hollywood
8. Baron Samedi
9. The Sacro-iliac
10. Oh Effendi

Second Set
1. The Things We Do For Love
2. Good Morning Judge
3. I’m Mandy Fly Me
4. Life is a Minestrone
5. Art for Art’s Sake
6. The Dean and I
7. I’m Not in Love
8. Dreadlock Holiday
9. Donna (A cappella)
10. Rubber Bullets

Graham Gouldman: Vocals, Bass
Rick Fenn: Guitar, Vocals
Mick Wilson: Guitar, Vocals Percussion, Keys
Paul Burgess: Drums
Mike Stevens: Keyboards, Guitar & Bass

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