Gerry Jablonski and the Electric Band Playing Through Heavy Water


Double-sided single Heavy Water & Soul Sister is unarguably a duo of songs that promote the inner talent of Gerry Jablonski and the Electric Band. Heavy Water is a deep swirling turbulent flow of blues outpouring. The sound is electric blues, considered, crafted and imperious. Blues that flows through your veins as the guitar drops down the melody and the harp pierces through with shape and form.  The fluidity of musical patterns reflecting water that is raw and heavy with intent to reach the sea. The guitar riffs are stinging with salty licks.

Then there is Soul Sister, a faster tempo with a rawness that opens your blues soul the perfect antidote to Heavy Water. Gerry Jablonski and the Electric Band is a band that plays with a collective energy and this double A-sider has captured the live energy in the studio. Having teamed up with Grammy award-winning producer Stacy Parrish (He won a Grammy for his work with Robert Plant and Alison Krauss on their multimillion-selling “Raising Sand” album). The top-notch production adds a shimmer and shine. The Jablonski sound is polished but never over-refined it is still raw, gutsy and blue.

Let’s hope these two numbers are a taster of the album to follow as this is the best work from the band to date.

Gerry Jablonski and the Electric Band Playing Through Heavy Water

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