Gary Hoey Blues Putting Flesh On Dust & Bones

Gary Hoey Blues Putting Flesh On Dust & Bones

Gary Hoey
Dust & Bones
Mascot Label Group


Gary Hoey Blues Putting Flesh On Dust & Bones. Dust & Bones, swirl and connect, the imagery of desolation and the ends of bones swirling in the dust. Gary Hoey opens the album with Boxcar Blues, simple guitar twangs and the vocal mirrors the tone this is a journey of railways and the melding of deep blues with imaginative rock. The dust that is blowing through is the whispering of the bluesmen of the past. Saying this is what we could have done with modern amplification and wizardry. A track that alights the imagination and you want to hear more.

For me Gary Hoey is a new name, despite having a vast back catalogue, and certainly a welcome blues addition to my collection. The album has a rhythm and flow the tempo changes exploring and celebrating Johnny Winter, Led Zepplin, Robert Johnson and more on the eleven original tracks that creates an empowered body of work that is Dust & Bones.

“This is the biggest-sounding album I’ve done in years” say Gary, it definitely packs a punch as the blues stirs the guitar, inspires the vocals and rhythms are full of impactive drive. This is apparent in Born To Love You, fast rocking guitar chops that allow Gary to growl out the lyrics. The influence of Billy Gibbons is nudging the guitar along throughout the three minutes; making this a high energy number.

In the middle of the album the three tracks are a delight. The title track, Dust and Bones, is a wonderful song with searing guitar work and should be getting all the radio play. It is a crowd pleaser. Steamroller, picks up the beat a steam roller pouring out a tribute to the essence and force that was Johnny Winter a fitting melodic tribute. The third in the trio is a ballad, Gary is joined by Lita Ford in a duet that swirls in country into the blues making the song ripple and has such depth of tone. The passion and emotion whirls the track to the top of the pile for all fans of anthem lead Coming Home.

The second half of the album builds with a Trower-infused This Time Tomorrow, slower pace showing that this trio is so much more that the exponents of power music for power’s sake. Matt Scurfield’s drums and AJ Pappas’ on bass do more than provide a stable foundation they give the music shape and form and space for Gary’s guitar to shine and play notes that sparkle and excite like a meteor shower.

An instrumental with deep funky bass, clean drumming and luscious guitars we hear the quality of the instrumentation as Soul Surfer glides the Dust and Bones to a close leaving you full of praise and delight in an album that explores the myriad of blue shades and forms and the influences from Robert Johnson up to today. The style is Gary Hoey the beat is blue.

The album is dusty, with the bleached starkness of bones as the blues are whipped up into a rocky storm full of guitar rings that hook you into the deep melodic tones of Gary Hoey vocals. Dust and Bones will never gather dust on the shelves as will be constantly selected to listen to quality blues that reverberate into the past with both feet firmly connect to the here and now.

Gary Hoey – Dust & Bones – Mascot Label Group

Bluesdoodles gives this CD NINE pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Boxcar Blues
  2. Who’s Your Daddy
  3. Born To Love You
  4. Dust & Bones
  5. Steamroller (tribute to Johnny Winter)
  6. Coming Home (featuring Lita Ford)
  7. Ghost of Yesterday
  8. This Time Tomorrow
  9. Back Up Against The Wall
  10. Blind Faith
  11. Soul Surfer

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