Fuelled with Rock RavenEye kicked up a Storm


Fuelled with Rock RavenEye kicked up a Storm



Reigning Day-4658On a wet Friday night, The Fuel Rock Club was crammed for RavenEye. This is a small rocking venue right in the heart of Cardiff. Opening the evening were Reigning Days, this rocking trio from Devon knew how to excite. It is not surprising that Kerrang have taken to playing their form of Rock. Once again it is rewarding to turn up and when hearing the support band they often surprise. When they are the headliners and others are finding Reigning Days for the first time you will already know the power of the trio’s granite rock.

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With the warm up band raising the temperature everyone was up for RavenEye. The place was already packed and every gap in the room was filled with Oli Brown’s hefty riffs and licks from the guitar of this effervescent performer who walks a very different musical path these days. Tonight were heard the tracks from the E.P. Breaking Out. The power of the rhythm section comprising bassist Aaron Spiers and the drummer with a smile Kev Hickman allows Oli to literally fly. The interplay between the three of them is superb, Oli connecting by standing on the drum kit. Then he is given a piggy back ride by Aaron and storms into the audience. The highlight of the evening though was when Oli ditched his guitar with Aaron’s bass taking the role of a lead guitar full of distortion. The impact of Nobodies Soul was immense and shows the rockers heart that beats inside of Oli and this change in approach through the show ensures wall-to-wall rocking entertainment. Another twist in Oli Brown’s guitar artillery is the one hand playing when singing into the mic and using the mic as a prop on the strings rocking gem of a sound.

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Oli is a talent full of musical intellect, he allows the skills and energy of Aaron and Kev to fly so that the trio connect with the music and more importantly the audience. The whole evening had a fluidity, an impressive set with a feel of spontaneity; rock with freedom of spirit that flies beyond the instruments. The new material was interesting showing the band is developing and the next album should be full of excitement and energy challenged through drum, bass and guitar.

The only thing that let Oli down was the sound that was not good, with lots of feedback. Oli came to the soundman’s rescue by swapping his mic with Aarons, reducing the feedback and helping to lessen the impact. The reality was everyone was there for loud music and fun and RavenEye won many new fans tonight.

Once again live music ruled the day loud, exciting and invigorating as hard as marble and rocking like a sparkling diamond. Thanks for the journey RavenEye.

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RavenEye Set List (to The Best of my Knowledge)

Gonna Take
Get It Started
Come With Me
Nobodies Soul
Wanna Feel You
Oh My Love
Home Sweet Home
Hey Hey Yeah
You Got it
Breaking Out

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