Fireworks with Joe Satriani and Dan Patlansky

- St Davids Hall - Nov 2015_0002l

- St Davids Hall - Nov 2015_0165l

Joe Satriani with Special Guest Dan Patlansky
Live at St David’s Hall, Cardiff 5th November 2015


All of the musical fireworks were let off in St David’s Hall tonight with the crackling combination of blues spangled rocket man Dan Patlansky opening the proceeding Special guest of the complete guitar firework display that is Joe Satriani. This was going to be two explosive sets and the hall was packed for the event from the front row and high up in the rafters.

Dan Patlansky - St Davids Hall - Nov 2015_0115lOpening with a formidable instrumental that set the level of guitar playing through control and the dexterity of nimble fingers across the strings and working the fret board. Drone was certainly not a droning noise it was not about stealth in the blues-influenced guitar-driven opener. We had glimpses of his back catalogue from the 20 stones album, Bring World To It’s Knees and a trio of delights form Dear Silence of Thieves the amazing album that introduced many in the UK to the glories of Dan Patlansky’s prowess and magic on his battered and worn Strat affectional known as Old Red. He thanked everyone for the support and opportunities and played the singles that have received massive air play on Planet Rock, Backbite tonight had a raw energy that was mesmerising. The music is developing as shown on the two new tracks introduced live tonight roll on 2016 a new Dan Patlansky album and full UK tour? As he closed his forty minute set with My Chana an instrumental that had the audience watching every move he made on the guitar as he played one-handed with just the fingerboard then used as a percussive instrument every piece of the guitar squealed, he discarded the strap and stretched the Strat to its very limit like a Catherine Wheel sending off musical cascades of sparkling excitement. The appetiser was delicious and we could have listened all night and he definitely had more rock/blues up his sleeve. Now for the Main event of the night.

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Joe Satriani - St Davids Hall - Nov 2015_0183lThe stage lit up, the crowds cheered Joe Satriani was on the stage. Opening with a great video from Crystal Planet that was re-visited later in the set. Then the sound exploded as the title track of his latest studio album Shockwave Supernova, reverberated around the auditorium. The lights blazed and the backdrop through the night of videos, still photographs or a light show added another layer to the music. For over two hours the instrumentals developed on themes slower, faster, harder some emotional. Joe Satriani explored the albums of the past and interweaved with numbers form Shockwave Supernova so we all had the thrill of hearing the album come alive. The visual displays act as a pathway into the thoughts of Joe Satriani the composer in the thinking behind the music giving them a visual context, replacing the need for lyrics. This is contemporary classical music composed for guitars, bass, drums and keys and has movements and structures that take you on a wonderful journey. The musical adventure has Joe Satriani at its heart, the band though is superb giving a platform allowing Joe to Surf with the Aliens and Fly with his Blue Dreams. The musicianship was outstanding the interaction between everyone gave animation to the stage with a powerhouse of a rhythm section Marco Minnemum on drums, whose drum solo was awesome, bassist Bryan Beller and Mike Keneally keyboards and guitar sometimes played at the same time; and guitar duels with Joe not surprising to have virtuoso playing from Mike having played with Frank Zappa the possibilities are always going to be endless.
With eight tracks from his current album there was still room for Crazy Joe an autobiographical number with video shots of Joe from the early days until now a visual biography. The guitar did the talking the talent of Joe Satriani is immense and his concerts create an atmosphere that is spellbinding. My favourite of all the music on offer tonight from Joe is hard but there is something very, very special about Butterfly and Zebra a lovely tune that is different with its different movements and tones, it is a sonic symphony that intrigues and blazes long after the last note dies away. Another highlight was Crystal Planet in which the guitar was controlled and the video was visually intriguing from early in the set, and Satch Boogie and then the encore; two numbers that enchant, including the only track with vocals and harp from Joe, Big Bad Moon and then the stellar Surfing With The Alien performed with classic old inter-galactic proportions. If you have not heard Joe Satriani live put it on your bucket list you will not be disappointed. This is guitar playing that crosses boundaries and is full of complexity and you need to listen and enjoy the musical shapes being formed and let reality be suspended while Joe plays for you. This was a night of orchestral music that is of super-sonic proportions that defy verbal description.

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Bluesdoodles says we used to have this well know chant
Remember remember!
The fifth of November
The Gunpowder treason and plot
I know no reason
Why the Gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot

Now it should be Ode to Patlansky & Satriani’s special firework display in Cardiff tonight…

Remember remember Cardiff!!
The fifth of November
St David’s Hall, guitars had a time slot
Patlansky and Satriani Strat & Ibanez
The battle of the shooting stars
I know no reason
Why the this sparkling guitar season
Should ever be forgot

Dan Patlansky Set List

Bring World To Its Knees
Hold On
Stop The Messing
Fetch Your Spade
My Chana

Joe Satriani’s Set List

Shockwave Supernova
Flying In A Blue Dream
Ice 9
Crystal Planet
Not Of This Earth
On Peregrine Wings
If I Could Fly
Butterfly and Zebra
If There Is No Heaven
Crazy Joey
All Of My Life
Luminous Flesh Giants
Always With Me Always With You
God Is Crying
Goodbye Supernova)
Satch Boogie
Big Bad Moon
Surfing With The Alien

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