Fight Another Day says Dan Reed Network

Fight Another Day says Dan Reed Network


Fight Another Day says Dan Reed Network

Dan Reed Network are back with Fight Another Day. The title sums up the ups and down of a network that fades but is never completely silenced. Originally formed in 1984 packing local clubs in Portland, Oregon with a mix of sounds comprising hard rock twisted and turned with deep shadows of funk, soul and pop. Three successful albums and then silence as the band disbands. The Dan Reed Network Story re-kindles like a phoenix as the band re-forms with original members for 25th Anniversary gig. The magic and excitement rekindled. Touring again and now a fourth studio album Fight Another Day. Dan says “The title ‘Fight Another Day’ represents the fact that after 25 years we were able to gravitate back to the passion we discovered playing together all those years ago, and battle on once more!”

Now for the music it is what the fans loved long deep melodies, Rock that explores all the facets of the sound that is broad and deep happily taking on layers of funk, twists of soul and a catchy line, chorus or tune. The line-up has changed slightly but the essence of the signature funk rock sound is still as strong as ever.

The dance floor is the place to be for the funky The Brave the bass provides the power that drives the rhythm while Dan’s vocals curl around the sound that has an infectious quality. The swish of cymbals the deep funk rhythm and This Whole World Infected is intoned, the lyrics are dark with a dystopian edge and the catchy flow that is Dan Reed Network’s rock with a beat that infects your soul. The tracks unfold the album has a sinuous and seamless movement. The choreography of sound creates a sound scape of words often thought-provoking against a rock melody that wraps you in a comfort blanket of sound. The album touches on the problems of society and by track eight we have an uplift in beat with Save The World, simple stripped back and imploring for someone to take a chance and Save The World. No answers but the question who is going to save the world needs to be answered very soon. Given the turbulence of the Dan Reed Network, Reunite seems an apt title to include again that curling melodic beat nothing grinds it is harmonising on tiers of sound. The keys add interest and together with the guitar chords acts as a foil for the vocals with funky bass and drums that keep an urgency so that nothing drifts into a blurred mess of indistinctive sound.

The album opens with a modern electro swirl, as Divided gets the fourth studio album underway. By the time we reach the closing track the band has explored sounds that take you on a musical adventure, the band is definitely Standing Tall as the last notes fade with Funk Rock reinvented for today while still true to the fans of the 1980’s.

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Fight Another Day – Dan Reed NetworkFrontiers Music Srl

Track Listing
1. Divided
2. The Brave
3. Infected
4. Champion
5. Ignition
6. Give It Love
7. B There With U
8. Save The World
9. Eye Of The Storm
10. Reunite
11. Heaven
12. Sharp Turn
13. Stand Tall

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