Fiftieth Anniversary Ten Years After 1967-1974

Fiftieth Anniversary Ten Years After 1967-1974

Fiftieth Anniversary Ten Years After 1967-1974

The golden age of Ten Years After celebrated by Chrysalis Records as they release a 50th Anniversary 10 CD Box set. The first nine albums from Ten Years After 1967-74 and a CD of previously unreleased material. Bluesdoodles review sampler is a pick n’ mix of ten tracks. A taster, sampler to relish the full anniversary box Set. This is an opportunity to dip into albums that bring back so many memories from 1967 mono self-titled album through to Positive Vibrations 1974 release.  This is a test as the tracks are not in chronological order but fit together as a musical journey of a band that captures the feel of the time.

Opening the sampler we go back to 1971 and A Space in Time album with I’d Love To Change The World. The pure unadulterated joy to hear Ten Years After again with their infectious and beguiling mix of Ric Lee’s drumming and Alvin Lee soaring above with guitar playing that takes your breath away.  Into the heady mix add Chick Churchill’s keys and the grooved bass lines from Leo Lyons. Yes, we want to change the world back to then the music was fresh, new and exciting. Changing perceptions of how the guitar and rock should sound. This was a heady time for popular music and should be celebrated with a box set that captures the moment forever.

Ten Years After moved from mono recording on the self-titled album of 1967 with I Can’t Keep From Crying Sometimes. Then we had stereo as we updated our record players the sound was joyous. We take so much for granted today with instant music wherever we go. The unadulterated pleasure of coming home with a treasured album and putting it onto your deck and hearing the album for the first time. This feeling of wonderment is rekindled in the sampler and will be a wheelbarrow of memories with ten CD’s to enjoy. Sit back relax and listen from the first track to the last as the band intended you to hear their music.

This is music that was changing our thoughts it was experimental, pioneering taking us deep into the wonders of guitar-led music. The lyrics had power and the melodies weaved in and out of our lives.  For a few short tears 1967 – 1974 Ten Years After were conquering audiences wherever they played. Their albums and creativity was raw and ground-breaking it was a musically fertile period that has never been bettered.

Every track is a gem on the sampler and re-kindled the joy in listening to Ten Years After 1967-1974. Really did it all start fifty years ago! The closing track of the sampler I’m Going Home from the Undead album opening with a stinging Alvin Lee solo feels just like I’m Going Home to the music of my youth the energy is powerful. Ten Years After a quartet that captured the musical hearts of a generation, forming our musical tastes as part of the British blues boom.

The cuckoo in the pack is the superb I Hear You Calling My Name from The Cap Ferret Sessions in 1972 that were not mixed until 1972 this is a hidden gem in the musical box of delights that is Ten Years After.

“This box set, limited to 1,500 copies worldwide, contains LPs which have been remastered from the original 1/4″ production master tapes along with the bonus disc entitled “The Cap Ferrat Sessions”, which consists of never heard before recordings from 1972, newly mixed by acclaimed record producer Chris Kimsey. The package has a luxury hardback format with slipcase and an accompanying book which includes newly commissioned in-depth 10,000 word sleeve notes written by legendary Melody Maker journalist and early champion of the band, Chris Welch, charting the band’s progress from their early beginnings in Nottingham, through iconic appearances at the Woodstock and the Isle of Wight festivals, right up to their eventual split in 1974. There are extensive interviews with the remaining band members plus members of Alvin Lee’s family, and additional recording notes by Chris Kimsey.”

Ten Years After – The Albums 1967 – 1974 is definitely one for avid collectors and fans of the band, the legendary Cap Ferrat sessions will have a special appeal and will be an essential addition to their collection.

NINEpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN …

Track Listing

  1. I’d Love To Change (The World A Space In Time 1971)
  2. Hear Me Calling (Stonedhenge 1969)
  3. Love Like A Man (Cricklewood Green 1970)
  4. I Hear You Calling My Name (The Cap Ferret Sessions 1972 [mixed 2017])
  5. Tomorrow I’ll Be Out of Town (Rock & Music To The World 1972)
  6. Nowhere To Run (Positive Vibrations 1974)
  7. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (Ssssh 1969)
  8. I Say Yeah (Watt 1970)
  9. I Can’t Keep From Crying Sometimes (Ten Years After Mono 1967)
  10. I’m Going (Undead 1968)


Ten Years After Celebrating 50th Anniversary
With 10 CD Box Set


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Fiftieth Anniversary Ten Years After 1967-1974

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