Federal Charm Crossed Wires into Acoustic

Federal Charm Crossed Wires into Acoustic

Federal Charm Crossed Wires into Acoustic



Federal Charm Crossed Wires into Acoustic, on this eight track album the music is stripped back to its bare essentials with the body and tone of Federal Charm electric still running through the music. The tracks are originals, fans who have seen the band on the recent Roadstar tour will recognise many as they are from the critically acclaimed studio album Across The Divide.

This is a new venture for the band and it takes a few listens to get accustomed to Federal Charm unplugged. The simplicity allows the lyrics to have a greater role.  Opening with Guess What, a fitting start as the unplugged charm from these energetic rockers who twist the blues is definitely a new pathway on their musical journey.

The tracks selected certainly suit the approach, turning These Four Walls into a gentle song with mournful elements and the lyrics have a real power and intensity as Paul Bowe’s acoustic guitar plays the second string to Nick Bowden vocals.  A track favoured by Federal Charm to close out a show Silhouette is as powerful stripped back as in the original form on the album, Across The Divide. It is self-evident why this is a firm favourite. It has a jaunty uplifting feel.

Closing the eight tracks out with Master Plan, this is definitely a new venture that warrants exploration.  The harp work on the track from Nick has elegant beauty. It would certainly ring the changes in a live set an acoustic reprise as the vocals and lyrics then have the power.

Federal Charm – Crossed Wires

SEVEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Guess What
  2. The Stray
  3. Push These Four Walls
  4. Silhouette
  5. Come On Down
  6. Somebody Help Me
  7. Master Plan


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