Eric Gales Making Blues in the Middle Of The Road

Eric Gales Making Blues in the Middle Of The RoadEric Gales Making Blues in the Middle Of The Road




With Eric Gales sitting in the middle of the tracks we know we are stepping aboard a musical experience that is anything but Middle of the Road. The eleven tracks do not take the middle ground they are assertive, full of intent and the energy is boundless from the vocals, stinging guitar and a rhythm section that rocks. In fact, the title reflects where Eric Gales a child prodigy who has experienced the good life and the bad as he says, “It’s about being fully focused and centred in the middle of the road. If you’re on the wrong side and in the gravel, you’re not too good and if you’re on the median strip that’s not too good either, so being in the middle of the road is the best place to be.”

Eric Gales is a renowned guitarist, his fans are many including Carlos Santana, Joe Bonamassa, Mark Tremonti from across the spectrum of music that rocks your socks.

Opening with a riff that just connects you to man and guitar as Eric says, ‘Now that’s how you start a record’ then the backing vocals picking up the chorus Good Time is the intention here with a gospel-fueled blues opener. The guitar sings with Change In Me (rebirth), and is a statement this is the new Eric Gales full of music and the drive to deliver blues that has a freedom as we all join him on a new road. The track is the anthem that holds the album together and a motto for many who want to or have changed something in their own lives.

Nestled among the originals is Boogie Man featuring Gary Clark Jnr; keeping the form of the classic whilst adding his own twist in Freddie King’s Blues. The interpretation of the cover fits in with the vibe of Middle Of The Road, with the inspiration drawn from the idea that whatever is happing the bad man is coming round the corner and you have to be on your toes.

The beat and tone changes with Been So Long; the guitar riffs are structured, tight with truncated phrasing with a reggae feel underneath the blues and the lyrics. Picking up the feel of the songs about giving yourself space and freedom to find yourself and be true to your own destiny. Free from the demons that have been holding you back. Half way through and the lynch-pin of the album takes us to a pinnacle of sound that is infectious and meaningful.

The blues now picks up the heat and drive of Texas co-written with Lance Lopez (Supersonic Blues Machine) and featuring Christone ‘Kingfisher’ Ingram a young guitarist that is setting Mississippi aflame. Reflecting that Eric has helped himself and now is in a good place to help others. As the song says Help Yourself first then reach out. Another song full of blues hooks that are about self-awareness. The album is reflective as Eric explores his past experience, but never self-indulgent it reaches out to the listener who connects with many of the subjects explored throughout Middle of The Road, I’ve Been Deceived is exactly that, who hasn’t been deceived by people they love and trust. When truths as you see them become lies. The meanings of the song are endless and the guitar is sharp with lead breaks that encapsulate the pain of deception.
His brother Eugene joins in the journey through the Middle of The Road on Repetition displaying his songwriting skills. The bass opens giving a darker deeper tone when combined with the drums and vocal delivery that has a feeling of Prince’s Sign o’ The Times in timing and phrasing but words and delivery totally Gales’ way.

The penultimate track again is blues re-shaped with a modern beat, is a song about when you have the confidence of liking yourself, being happy where you are the journey is nearly complete when you can say I Don’t Know when you do not know something. There is nothing to fear someone will know and be able to help and give you the answer you are looking forward as rap tips into the blues before the magnificence that is Eric Gales’ guitar takes over and we are back on familiar territory that we do know and understand.

Closing the album full of confidence and style with an instrumental Swamp, we are definitely heading for clear waters with an album that leaves you delighted with the music. No doubting that Eric Gales is back producing the best music yet. Blues guitar with attitude, lyrics with a heartfelt understanding of the myriad emotions this album lays bare for the listener to explore and understand.

Eric Gales Making Blues in the Middle Of The RoadEric Gales – Middle of The Road – Mascot Label Group

Release Date 24th March 2017

NINEpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….


Track Listing

  1. Good Time
  2. Change In Me (The Rebirth)
  3. Carry Yourself
  4. Boogie Man (feat. Gary Clark Jnr.)
  5. Been So Long
  6. Help Yourself (feat. Christone ‘Kingfisher’ Ingram)
  7. I’ve Been Deceived
  8. Repetition (feat. Eugene Gales)
  9. Help Me Let Go
  10. I Don’t Know
  11. Swamp

Eric Gales Making Blues in the Middle Of The Road

Official lyric video for Eric Gales’ “Boogie Man (feat. Gary Clark Jr.)”

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