EP Review: Lucy Zirins ~ What’s In Front Of Me


Lucy Zirins
What’s In Front Of Me
Gingersnap Music


There has been a long wait for follow-up of recorded music from Lucy Zirins, her debut album Chasing Clocks set the bar high.  This is a snug little E.P. What’s In Front Of Me is a signpost of a future that shines bright as Lucy continues her solo, duo shows and a new band. There are half a dozen tracks that allow the nightingale of Burnley and her acoustic guitar continue to deliver the Zirins sparkle to modern English country shaded with blue her laugh is infectious and her vocals are mesmeric. Lucy is a talented songwriter with lyrics that blend around melodies and tell a tale.  The album has special guests to had tonal depth and excitement pedal steel legend BJ Cole and Richard Causon on keys along with her touring band “The Southern Company” including Andy Crowdy, Simon Price and Pete Billington.


The mix of styles shows the full scope of Lucy’s talents opening with the title track the guitar glows and the intro is full but the album really takes shape as Lucy’s vocals warm the song, her honeyed tones firm around the lyrics picking up the words and giving them musical shape.  The tempo rises and the instrumentation has more attitude and the vocals mean business on this country instilled number Changing Ground that will get everyone’s feet stomping. In the middle are two tracks that continue to show Lucy’s personality Falling to Pieces and a reflective gentle number Mercy. Feeling like a change of direction as the tempo hardens with a blues number that rocks Worry and Wine then there is a twist again with the closing song You Don’t Remember Me. This is folk with a Celtic twist ending the E.P. with refrains of fiddles that add a melancholy sadness as we are taken into a future of unknowns. What’s In Front Of Me is a tantilising taster that bodes well for the main course a full studio album for 2016.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. What’s In Front of Me
  2. Changing Ground
  3. Falling to Pieces
  4. Mercy
  5. Worry and the Wine
  6. You Won’t Remember Me



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