EP Review: Devenport ~ Back In The Land Of The Living

Back In The Land Of The Living

Another delightful E.P. of five acoustic tracks full of eloquence as Devenport combines lyrics and upbeat guitar playing that is recognizably him, in an album dedicated to his father who died in 2007 and to quote him “Life’s about having a laugh and a good old sing-song”. This is a collection that celebrates the power of the song and life’s rich tapestry of emotions and feelings.
The title track is nicely sandwiched between the opening two tracks The Light Inside Of Me and Stranger In Me a jolly start to the album with a confident beat and jaunty tempo and the vocals that are strong as the lyrics explore the light inside. This upbeat tempo continues as this singer/songwriter does not need to explore misery in this song with a more serious tone and catchy chorus that gets you singing along. The title track is a celebration of guitar and vocals with a gentle tone and tempo that has a feel of yearning and the glimmer of hope; we have a part one of Healing Hands with a country vibe let’s hope we hear part two on a full length album where Devenport has space to explore a variety of styles and tempos.

What makes this E.P. work is the combination of Devonport’s, guitar and vocals that are distinctive along with a passion and an unfettered enthusiasm and soulfulness from Devenport on recording music he loves.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD SEVEN doodle paws out of TEN….pawprint half inch

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