EP: Jo Harman Found A Place

Jo Harman is stripped backed and elegant on this six-track E.P; full of gentle piano notes and Jo’s voice pure and full of soulful emotion as every word is wound around her tongue and served with a delicacy of touch. This is an album full of tonal shape and colour with the swirl of strings and her voice that soars into the heart and musical DNA of any listener, the impression is wistfulness, ethereal tone with an edge of hardness as the lyrics are delivered with a steely determination; stopping the EP from being sentimental without a message.

If you are expecting a re-visit to Dirt On Your Tongue; you are in for a pleasant shock, these are songs delivered by a songstress confident in her own voice and style not bending to please a genre or people’s expectations but delivering the music she wants to share with us.

Open and closing with Lend Me Your Love (the last a radio edit shorten but not diminishing the track) and both have a tenderness that makes you hold your own breath so that you do not miss a moment of her breathing, singing and the superb musicians that surround and embellish her marvelous voice that is the heart and soul of the E.P. The title track with its classic piano intro followed by a swell of strings leads you to a her voice that has a breathy late night jazz club feel that wraps around you full of emotion at the end you are emotionally charged and her rendition of Cat Steven’s Father and Son is delivered with a simplicity so that once again the vocal words provide clues to understanding her music.

Found A Place, started as a studio experiment and ended as a welcomed thank-you album to her many fans who still wait expectantly for her follow up alum to Dirt On My Tongue. If this is the quality it will be worth the wait the production and the songs chosen fit warmly as a snug glove on a cold winters day, Jo’s vocals are the warm shaft of sunlight that brighten the bleak winter landscape, she takes you to another purer place.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD NINE pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Jo Harman ~ Found A Place – Chief Records (UK) and V2 (Europe)

Track Listing CD
1. Lend Me Your Love
2. Two Shades Of Hope
3. Found A Place
4. Father and Son
5. I Can Let Go Now
6. Lend Me Your Love (Radio edit)

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