ELO AGAIN Saturday 20th September @ St David's Hall Cardiff

ELO Again - Cardiff - Sept 2014 - DSC_8731lSaturday night in Cardiff and St David’s Hall was packed to the rafters as people swarmed to see ELO Again. They wanted to relive the days of dancing along to ELO Again, and many memories were re-kindled by the look of the happy, smiling on their feet, dancing in the aisles audience by the end of the show… St David’s Hall was rocking tonight.

ELO Again - Cardiff - Sept 2014 - DSC_8739lThe whole experience was a professional re-enactment of an ELO concert, with the light show for the opening number Eldorado -Spaceship with Shooting Stars, Expanding Star and black moon combined with the eight piece band providing the full effect of ELO’s orchestrations full of depth and tone, comprising two keyboards, two Cello’s, and violinist, bass, guitar and drums driving the beat from the back. The tracks were what everyone wanted to hear including Standing In The Rain; Diary of Horace Wimp with excellent video animation working a treat and was suitably haunting. Wild West Hero had great images of cowboys across the back of the stage, rekindling memories of the video when the single was released back in early 1978.

ELO Again - Cardiff - Sept 2014 - DSC_8925lDuring the second set we were treated to the Blue Sky Singers to provided a choral backdrop for Confusion, they added another layer of sound to fill the auditorium and it also worked a teat.

ELO Again, certainly knew how to entertain and the violin solo certainly hit the hearts of the audience with a great rendition of ‘Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau’ which had the crowd singing with passion and fervour. The version of Mr Blue Sky bought the original sound across the auditorium and the dancing fans up on their feet. The encore was full of energy with two tracks, Don’t Bring Me Down; certainly ELO Again brought every one’s mood up as they finished with Roll Over Beethoven.

ELO Again brought the age of glam rock to be re-heard in the 21st Century as they delivered the songs of Jeff Lynne as they paid tribute to ELO’s unique symphonic rock style and unforgettable classics.

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