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Concrete Bound
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Having heard this one man and his guitar set at Blues On the Farm 2014 I was delighted to have Concrete Bound to review. His guitar playing takes second place to the soulful emotional vocals that delivers a song so that it appears that Tony Devenport is singing just to you and this characteristic he achieves on the album and he takes centre stage though the addition of Keys, drums and double bass. The opening track Digging in my Brain is full of intent that this is an album that will be delivering and authentic acoustic sound that will not be compromised and Tony Devenport knows what he wants to say and portray through both words and music. The album changes pace, tone and texture it is not a monotone nor full of self-indulgent misery it is about the music and this shines through on It’s To Late with a feel of soul and makes for a perfect slow dance in the moonlight. Inner City Blues is full of charged thoughts and beliefs modern acoustic blues for today, carrying a message that will resonate with many whilst reaching back in to the past so not loosing integrity. Eloise is a track that immediately took me back to the days of Donovan and Cat Stevens, the combination of the way the lyrics were sung, tinkling sound of the guitar and the back vocals makes this a song straight from the summer of lover we just need some flowers for our hair.
The closing track Lion in My Life has a similar tempo leaving you wanting to hear Tony Devenport on the stage very soon and in the meantime you can listen to Concrete Bound again; there is nothing static about this album which has freedom that simplicity brings when well done..

Bluesdoodles gives this CD  

SEVEN  doodle paws

out of TEN ……… pawprint half inch

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  1. Hi Blues Doodles, I was also there at BOTF and Devenport blue me away!! I’ve just released my first EP Vistas (Ruby Tiger) and I’d love to send you a physical copy or a ‘download code’ in the hope you may review it. If you could email me your postal address or an email address to send the download link to, that’d be great 🙂 or just reply here! All best RUBY TIGER (

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