Departed debut EP Listen Once Certainly Not Be Leaving Soon

Departed debut EP Listen Once Certainly Not Be Leaving Soon

It may look like Bluesdoodles is arriving late to the Departed party. The EP Departed was released two years ago. I make no apologies this is a young band making waves being heard as Festival and venues delivering the modern sound of Rock n’ Roll. Full of energy, rhythm and style they are keeping the torch burning hot so the musical flames of the music develop. The quartet over seven tracks set the speakers alight with rock that is heavy hard and addictive.

Who are Departed? They are a four-piece from West Country, which with every listen the ear picks up more depth as you are left engrossed by the Departed sound. So no one will be leaving any time soon!
Two of the band brings a wealth of touring experience, lead guitarist Ben formerly played with The Treatment and vocalist Mark fronted Empire of Fools. Into the mix add guest drummer Chris Rivers (Heaven’s Basement). Into the mix add the springing Rhythm section of Howie and Connor the promise of a good mix is present and correct. You can have the personnel but can you deliver yes they can as this debut EP confirms.

Opening with Are You Ready? The crescendo of guitar and drums sets the scene for Mark’s vocals that steer the melody and pull the band into line. This energized rock. The mix of a heavy and classic keeps the ear tuned in you will never depart into the land of daydreaming with Departed. Gentler vibe for Pretty Little Thing Marks’ vocals take on a deeper tone and then with the clash of cymbals the rock is re-ignited no this is not a power ballad it is a celebration of the sound Departed excel in. As lyrics and clever hooks and riffs collide into a melodic train with Pretty Little Thing steered by a bluesy influence.

They may sing Don’t follow Me but this is a band that demands being followed as the launch into a heavier number slightly grungy, with a sound that is alluring for the ears and one of the many highlights on a stylish debut recording. Closing out with All I want, I just wanted to listen again to the beguiling mix of heavy rock laden riffs, and drums that pounded through the rhythm then opening up to be the sonic backdrop to Marks expressive vocals.

Seven tracks with the Departed sound cascading from your speaker entertaining you leaving you wanting more is the perfect scenario for a debut EP that will get a band noticed. It has worked, meet them at an Underground music conference earlier this summer hosted by WaterBear, where they kindly gave Bluesdoodles a copy and now added to the fabulous line-up of Steelhouse 2018. Departed can now add to the list we played up a mountain in Wales!

NINEpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN …


  1. Are You Ready
  2. Dreaming
  3. Pretty Little Thing
  4. Don’t Follow Me
  5. Superstitious
  6. All I Want

Mark Pascall – Vocals
Ben Brookland – Lead Guitarist
Howie Spring – Bass
Connor Spring – Drums

Departed debut EP Listen Once Certainly Not Be Leaving Soon

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