Delightfully Shipwrecked with Lewis Hamilton’s Album

Delightfully Shipwrecked with Lewis Hamilton

Delightfully Shipwrecked with Lewis Hamilton’s Album

Shipwrecked may be the title but this is definitely not a shipwreck of a Blues album, Lewis Hamilton has produced nine tracks ebbing and flowing with the tide that is contemporary British blues. This, the fourth studio album, released on his own label – Lewis Hamilton Music. Shipwrecked is artfully produced and has a depth of tone and texture redolent of a musician growing in stature and he just keeps getting better. Lewis’ vocals are strong, the guitar crisp full of stinging licks that really connects to the blues soul and the music is captivating.

Opening with Old Faces, the musical shipwreck you are about to embark is going to be a ride through the high water mark, a track sung with relish and played with confidence the vocal tone reminds me of a young Oli Brown, whilst being completely the Lewis Hamilton sound. This connection is made once again on Sticks and Stones it is the inflection in the voice combined with guitar that rocks. The second track, Iceberg Blues tips its hat at the album title and is blues from the swampy delta that has a menace to it and full of deep blues with the harmonica coiling like a musical vine around the words. The tempo and shape of the songs varies there is rocky blues whilst Head For The Hills is a driving ballad that pours out across the speakers then half way through we are all at sea again with Stormy Seas, this is no rocky storm it is laid back blues that whilst the shaping of the chords is full of control there is a feeling that the music is being formed in the moment as if nothing is enduring storms can be out ridden and shipwrecks overcome.
Lewis has added into the mix his version of Son House’s famous blues number John the Revelator which is delivered with maturity and as the closing number Water’s Edge fades away Lewis Hamilton on Shipwreck has shown what a talent he is growing into and his name should be on many people’s lips throughout 2016 and beyond.

Shipwrecked is British blues that has definition and purpose Lewis is creating his own sound that will be recognized far and wide I am very sure as we are all Delightfully Shipwrecked with Lewis Hamilton’s Album

Bluesdoodles gives this CD NINE pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

1. Old Faces
2. Iceberg Blues
3. Head For The Hills
4. Long Way Home
5. Stormy Seas
6. Sticks and Stones
7. John the Revelator
8. Blame
9. Water’s Edge

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