Definitely NOT The Wreck of The Blues Pontus Snibb

Definitely NOT The Wreck of The Blues Pontus Snibb

Definitely NOT The Wreck of The Blues Pontus Snibb


With burnt Sienna hues, a trashed car on the album cover is the Wreck of Blues, the music Pontus Snibb and his band produces is a solid sapphire cut gem, and Pontus Snibb plays States Side Blues out of Sweden.  Wreck of The Blues, is blues that swirls with guitar licks that fall from the lyrics then adds a sting to the tail in the lead break as the guitar cries, howls picking up the vibe of the 1950’s. Without the band providing a rhythm that gives the blues depth we would simply have vocals and guitar the feel of the blues would be played without its body.  Joining charismatic frontman Pontus Snibb is drummer and Dad, Hakan Nyberg and bassist Micke Nilsson.

We have a hint of inspiration of the blues as he name checks on No Peace Of Mind head full of songs could be by Freddy King or The Stones. Elsewhere on the album BB King, Otis Rush and Clapton join the list. This is blues that shimmer, shake and have a deep groove that fills the speaker with funk. Opening the album with classic electric blues, More Blues and Blue Sounds lay down his credentials as a guitarist who understands the nuances of the blues with a rocky edge.  Then he changes the beat with Boogie Man, adds in shades of darkness, and a shimmer of fear as we meet the Snibbs Boogie Man. Electric guitar thrills spill over the whole number, some short and sweet others sustained.  The threat of something is spoken about at the beginning of Lightnin’ Change with a voice over from yesteryear. Then the chugging blues guitar picks up the beat and the vocals distorted continue sporadically in a track that feels like an instrumental. Then another change that works for me as Pontus picks up the acoustic on I’m Walking and we join him on a trip down the road a light and gentle interlude that works better that the previous track. We are back with sunshine groove of the blues with Turning Back The Clock, the sound certainly transports you back to Dance Halls of the fifties. Closing with Keep On Loving Me you are left with blues licks and riffs singing in your ears. Definitely NOT The Wreck of The Blues Pontus Snibb as you leave us wanting more of your blues style.

EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Pontus Snibb – Wreck Of Blues

Track Listing

  1. More Blues and Blue Sounds
  2. Same Same
  3. No Peace Of Mind
  4. Boogie Man
  5. Longing For You
  6. As I Please
  7. Lightnin’ Change
  8. I’m Walking
  9. Turning Back The Clock
  10. One’s Too Many
  11. Keep On Loving Me


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