Debut EP From Bristol Based Stone Theory

Debut EP From Bristol Based  Stone Theory

Debut EP From Bristol Based  Stone Theory 


Debut EP of a young rough, ready and raw Stone Theory.  The opening track, Gaggin’ For It; is rough not in a punk rock way but with a unpolished feel; fuzzy and loud with vocals have a roughness that is not always pleasing to the ear. The harsh metallic rock defines the album and the blues is hinted at in odd lucid moments. Combining metal and blues is a large leap and perhaps for Stone Theory is a leap of faith too far. Learn the genres first get the standard structures in place, then fuse them.

For me. the vocals groan and grind across the whole album. The fifth and final track is the only cover with an unrecognisable metallic Backdoor Man, this would have been the time to stop shouting and show that you understand the essence of the blues.

Stone Theory, a rock band in theory with potential, Debut EP’s are an opportunity to get used to playing in a studio on recording own material and creating style. Stone Theory is a project being built, the Stones are rough-hewn out of granite face, the quartet have yet to let time and confidence polish the edges to emerge as a coherent band. Yes, a young band that has yet to develop a sound that is what the theory is all about, a rock band that is stepping on the ladder and learning the trade. This debut EP will start the building blocks of a fan base.

FIVEpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Gaggin’ For It
  2. Undone
  3. Deadlight
  4. Crawl
  5. Backdoor Man

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