Dave Hunt Travelling Blues With New Album 100 Horses

Dave Hunt Travelling Blues With New Album 100 Horses

Dave Hunt Travelling Blues With New Album 100 Horses


Following on from his second album Whiskey & Demons we are leaving the bar and stepping into the horse powered motor car and heading across the musical landscape. Dave on 100 Horses has mixed it up with the Delta and flows into Southern Rock as the harmonica pulls it together with a healthy helping of British Rn’B. As you would expect from Harmonica Dave the core of the album is the harmonica whose licks punctuate the lyrics adding an emotional refrain. The veritable one-man Band that is Mr Hunt, as he plays Drums, Bass and Guitar in addition to Harmonica and vocals.  Joining Dave on the 100 Horses journey is Andy Littlewood’s keys, guitar and backing vocals, The MEP Collective adding the horns with guest drummer Pete Nelson and vocalist Darren Yates.

The dozen tracks joining us on the road trip are all originals with plenty of zip and style the harmonica, guitar and vocals creating the contours, the light and shade of changing landscapes as you ride across the USA.  The driving power of escape and the horsepower under the bonnet fuels the blues with an energy that flows across the album. As we hit the Blues Highway, the tempo slows and the number reflects politician’s promises that set you on a path of playing music. The harp is sharp and full of poignant bends that are the hooks for the lyrics of the story exploring Grandpa times of 1922 but sadly, still relevant today.

As we take arrest from the road trip love the mainstay of many a tune explored throughout Love’s Just A Killer, the guitar is dark and raw as we join in with the Rock n Roll tempo.  Back with the car a potent mix of Moonshine Chevrolet, this is foot-stomping hill country blues with its compelling mix of simplicity and danger.  As you expect Dave’s harmonica steals the show with a punctuation that adds so much more than notes to the musical landscape.

As we step into Deadman’s Shoes the questions asked in Tell Me and a visit to Rehab; life explored to the cascading backdrop of blues that with a purity of shape and form that makes this album a fantastic listen. The power of the music grows the blues is developed in its many hues, as we hit the jaunty number I’m On Fire; a love song full of raw melodic power.  With Darren Yates joining Dave in a vocal duet on I Told You we have another twist in the Road we are travelling with 100 Horses leaving the finale. Completing the dozen tracks that all have blues of various tones and shades we are Shot Down. Opening with Harp, percussion and then the guitar the intro is sweet and mournful, and then a world-weary vocal of a man who has traveled far and has many tales to tell. Not a happy story shooting, jail and remorse. Does this leave you feeling down, why no this is an album full of life and vitality, every tale, life, love, betrayal and moonshine. Blues is about feel, story and a melodic beat this album has it all from the first to the last note. It is alive with the blues we want to hear.

Dave Hunt – 100 Horses – Mad Ears Productions

NINEpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Across The USA
  2. 100 Horses
  3. Blues Highway
  4. Doghouse
  5. Moonshine Chevrolets
  6. Deadman’s Shoes
  7. Tell Me
  8. Rehab
  9. I’m On Fire Baby
  10. I Told You (Feat Darren Yates)
  11. Shot Down

Dave Hunt Travelling Blues With New Album 100 Horses

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