Dan Reed Networking Bristol Tonight For Extreme

Dan Reed Networking Bristol Tonight For Extreme

Dan Reed Networking Bristol Tonight For Extreme

Dan Reed Networking Bristol Tonight For Extreme as he set the O2 Academy alight with spiritual funky Rock n’ Roll. Tonight Dan Reed Network, was on fire as the light blazed and swathed the stage in shots of red, gold, blue and green. Dan Reed choreographed the energy of the music through his movements conjuring the stillness of meditation and the power of Rock n’ Roll what an empowered fusion. The bye words of the all too short set have to be Funky Energy.   Dan Reed holds court centre stage with the emotive power of his vocal delivery as they played Bristol for the first time surrounded by a Network of talent. Joining Dan on stage were guitarist extraordinaire Brion James whose silvered dreadlocks swayed and rose in time to the melodies, bassist Melvin Brannon II and Dan Pred on drums.  Binding this heady mix of funkiness is Rob Daiker behind the keys pulling the sound and attitude of the 1980’s. We were on a Cruise Together as Dan Reed warmed up the rapidly filling O2 Academy on this sold out show. This was a trip of nostalgia revisiting the early albums delivered with an enthusiasm that comes from the love of playing the music you love on a stage to a packed and delighted audience. No hard sell for his latest album Fight Another Day, Champion summing up the feel of the dynamic set tonight championing the funky side of rock. The drama of Skin played by a band on top form, the band were entertaining. Stretching out the numbers despite time constraints, this did not stop them from jamming and adding in snippets and riffs from other songs. The interaction between Dan, Brion and Melvin was warm as they exchanged smiles and knelt in front of the audience never slowing the beat.  The crowd clapped, sang along in the warm and wonderful atmosphere. The tempo changed with Rainbow Child slower and adding to the tonal textures and shapes being created by a band in the zone. Ritual always catches the ear as the band closes out with Get To You.  There will be no argument that this opening act connected and got to the heart and soul of the audiences inner funk.  For many, this was the last gig of 2017 and the opening act was setting the bar very high with real Rock n’ Roll attitude and entertainment that fizzed with funkiness.

Dan Reed Networking Bristol Tonight For Extreme

With a short break and the late arrivals filled the venue to its extremities. This was for me Extreme and uncomfortable overcrowding as we had another setlist that was bound together with nostalgia and memories.  From the opening, It (‘s A Monster) through to the last of the four numbers in the encore with the crowd-pleasing roar of We Are The Champions. Extreme tonight performed a set that pleased their own brand of funk-metal. The guitar playing of the acclaimed Nuno Bettencourt who tonight did not disappoint with the swish of his hair and the manipulation of the six-strings.  Vocals provided by Gary Cherone, who eats up the stage as he moves across the stage, up the lighting rigging using every centimetre of the stage. With bassist Pat Badger, bass sounds deep rolling funk that hits your backbone with a pleasing thump as the percussive force of Kevin Figueiredo’s drumming. The sound rose and rose, the energy was sustained with Get Your Funk Out not reserved for an encore but delivered as the energy built and the heat and excitement rose.  For two hours Extreme entertained they want the fans to re-live and enjoy the energy from the youth captured tonight with music created over a quarter of a century. We remembered when grunge was emerging a new re-writing and re-forming of rock.  The fans were ecstatic, reflecting this was a gig sold out months ago so the anticipation had been growing and growing. To temper the energy and allow a breather the acoustic number Hole Hearted brought an opportunity to sing along on the track from Pornograffitti.

Nuno, as always needed a lead break to play those wonderful notes and these were granted in Midnight Express another highlight from the back to where I had retreated, not from the music but the claustrophobic crush. So with limited view, every person tonight seemed to be over six- foot, it was the music that became the whole show. No visuals to distract. Highlights were Midnight Express and Flight of The Bumblebee for the guitar magic and Hole Hearted.

The formation of the set built the energy then with acoustic interlude gave the audience space that they did not have around them! The Encore numbers reinforced the crowd-pleasing Extreme. The fans were happy the music set us up ready for a funky Christmas, where many will be getting Extreme And Dan Reed Network Vinyls off the shelve and back on the turntable.

Nostalgic music was hot in December 2017 as we heard Dan Reed Networking Bristol Tonight For Extreme.


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Dan Reed Networking Bristol Tonight For Extreme




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