Dan Owen Explores Emotions Open Hands and Enemies

Dan Owen Explores Emotions Open Hands and Enemies

Dan Owen Explores Emotions Open Hands and Enemies


Dan Owen Explores Emotions Open Hands and Enemies, this is an E.P. that showcases the potential of Dan, a young man who has been engaging audiences whenever he opens his mouth and sings. Over four tracks, Dan packs in more emotion, lyricism and the understanding of human condition through the medium of song that many achieve in a full album.

Opening with Made To Love You the piano and the rich, warm autumnal tones of Dan’s vocals as he explores through lyrics that at times hurt your inner soul the mystery of relationships that hurt a personal number inspired by a friend surviving an abusive relationship. Then on a turn of the beat, the tempo changes with a rockier full on number Witching Hour, his voice is gravelly with an intensity of spirit as you acknowledge all your mistakes. The forceful, life-affirming power of music is captured in his hands as he Moonlight shines on to the magic that is Dan. A love ballad that speaks for itself. Closing with his fourth track Closer recorded at home and his guitar does some of the talking an intimate number between listener and musician as he lays bare his skills as a songwriter. We all want to get closer to Dan and see him perform this quartet of numbers live.

The only complaint I have and it is a big one, Open Hands and Enemies is immense for an E.P. but Bluesdoodles wants a full-blown twelve track album so that we can get to know all the intricacies that makes Dan Owen such a marvelous musician. The E.P. Open Hands and Enemies from the man with the velvet smooth vocals that packs a punch. Four tracks a teaser of a full album We are waiting Dan get the message we want more!

Dan Owen – Open Hands and Enemies – Independent

RELEASE DATE 26th October 2016

NINE pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Made to Love You
  2. Witching Hour
  3. Moonlight
  4. Closer (Home Recording)

‘Open Hands and Enemies’ EP available to pre-order HERE:
Stream on Spotify HERE:


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