Cut The Funk – CD & Gig Review – 2014

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Cut The Funk

If you are looking to add something a little different to your collection then Weekend Coda the debut album of Cut The Funk is just the ticket with its skillful blending of Jazz and Funk that is never indulgent just a perfect harmony of sound that will definitely end your weekend and start you on a high for the week ahead with a feet tapping feel good sound. This Kent-based band have really nailed the beat and tempo as the individual instruments blend and meld together to rise to the top as the saxophone in the opening track Blue Milk so a rich milkshake of sound is created that makes you feel good and sets the quality for the whole album you know you are going to sit, dance tap your feet for just over an hour of pure delight.
The album brings a sublime mix of tempos with upbeat Afroturf and followed by the more mellow (ain’t nothing but a) Chicken Wing.
There are long tracks like Art Dart, which moves along with little interludes from bass, sax, piano and the guitar and drums providing a background that makes this track a musical art form in its own right ! Then there are short tracks at just over three and half minutes Funk Credit Cards opens with Ian Anderson style flute and then the beat picks up with a rolling funky rhythm that will make everyone’s mood upbeat.

This is an album full of musical complexities and a mix of subtle and in-your-face riffs and melodies, but it is not complex for the sake of complexity; Cut The Funk have cleverly got the balance right so this is an immensely listenable album that will keep appearing through your speakers as you listen again and I bet each time you listen your favourite track will change, mine is, for the moment, Cut The Funk full of fusion that reminds me of the bands from the past like The Meters.

Not sure about Funk/Jazz fusion this is the album to stretch your listening tastes as the music flows and surrounds you with a funky hug.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD NINE doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch



Gig Review – Riffs Bar Swindon – August 2014

Now youCut The Funk - August 2014 - DSC_7683l have listened to the album go see them live when you get the opportunity this busy group of musicians do not often get out on the road, Bluesdoodles was lucky enough to catch up with them at Riffs Bar, Swindon in August. We were treated to some tracks from the album and lots of other gems as well as the funky, jazzy fusion sound Cut The Funk create flowed off the stage and throughout the bar. Watermelon was a great tune and the communication between the members of the band ensured that there were seamless changes in which instrument was taking the lead and the finishing spot-on the beat every time.

Cut The Funk - August 2014 - DSC_7616lCut The Cake, was a fantastic version of Average White Bands number, the whole sound they create is interesting with a varied beat and sound making a real change from the guitar-dominated riffs and licks of many bands. Two tracks from the album The Blazer and The Promise demonstrated that this is a live sound with a fluidity from every instrument they want your attention and once they have it they are not going to let go. We were treated to a unique take on The Meters People Say showing what a versatile number this is. This is a band that comes together for a few gigs when they are able to as they all have busy lives on a myriad of musical projects; thus they do not really rehearse giving every show a fresh take on the tracks they play that sound natural and full of quality. This is definitely a band to look out for and make every effort to go see this band with a touch of fusion magic.

Paul Jobson – Keyboards / Vocals
Dudley Ross – Guitar
Tony Rico – Saxophone / Flute / Vocals
Joe Sam – Bass

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