Coolhand Live @ The Globe, Cardiff July 2015


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The Globe, Cardiff
4th July 2015

The venue was hot with the heat and excitement of Coolhand playing in Cardiff and launching their self-titled debut album. There would be no build up without a warm up act, though we were hot, hot in a stifling venue we didn’t have one but two acts. Alex Stacey, young emerging force in the world of Singer/Songwriters delivered a varied set that was a showcase for his current E.P. His vocals and guitar skills keep improving and he soon will be gaining lots of attention. Short gap, sound check and a duo stepped on the stage, Tim Cronin behind a keyboard and guitar close at hand was tonight accompanied by a member of Coolhand’s backing vocals. This was not just a duo there was also the use of the a loop so that Tim’s vocals, guitar and keyboard could be heard at the same time creating layers of sound and bought the time for Coolhand ever closer.

Coolhand- The Globe - July 2015_0080lThis was Coolhand’s evening as they launched their debut album to a home crowd, this was an opportunity to hear the music and purchase! It was tCoolhand- The Globe - July 2015_0069lo no one’s surprise that the playlist was dominated by the twelve tracks of the self-titled album; the bonus was some new numbers including Holy Man a contender for the next visit to the recording studio I am sure.

Coolhand- The Globe - July 2015_0142lCoolhand are Daz Edwards on vocals and guitarist Luke Bradshaw and tonight the Cardiff boys were joined by four musicians and a two backing singers. A band of eight were tightly packed onto the stage but the sound they created made it all worthwhile. Daz took centre stage bringing an energy and great vocals as he picked up the blues vibe of the intro from guitar and keys with a song about the virtual world, spinning together traditional R n’ B with contemporary lyrics. Daz knows how to woo a crowd, and the audience’s attention was now transfixed to the musicians and the set unfolded so that we heard a live version of Summertime Shuffle perfectly in tune with the heat of the summer everyone was experiencing tonight at The Globe. The band closed with Deadman’s Hand with its country blues feel with a full-on twang of the guitar filling out the story unfolding through the lyrics. This wasn’t the end of the evening there were two more tracks from the album to be given the live treatment, yes they were back for an encore ending the evening with Pretender Love; there was definitely no pretending about the skills of Luke on guitar, Gareth on keys and Daz sparkling centre stage delivering lyrics and music that is contemporary blues.

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Set List
Bold Italic Coolhand Album
Virtual Life
Holy Man
<strong>Summertime Shuffle

<strong>Hardly The time
Give love a chance

Looking Back
Ode To Law
Can’t Carry On
She’s Hot
Such a Fool
Deadmans Hand
Pretender Love
Stand Up

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  1. I was at the gig, really enjoyed the very professional performance. Love the music and in particular the vocals from Daz and the exceptional guitar work from Luke. Highly recommend everyone who gets the chance to see them does. Loved it.

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